terra firma interior 1612364913

Don’t wait.

My partner experienced an almost fatal health challenge this spring. You know, one of those that rock your world. We had been waiting until our retirement to buy a Bowlus, but we promised once we were out of the woods to buy one and stop working quite hard. The timing couldn’t have been better; when…

terra firma interior 1612364913

Happily Ever After!

I don’t know about your marriage, but ours is always about one of us looking to lead the way on a new adventure and the other dragging their feet until they turn into a shameless bandwagon jumper. So when my wife showed me the Bowlus Volterra, I felt excited like you do on Christmas morning…

terra firma interior 1612364913

I Found My Forever R.V. (Again:)

Bowlus has done it again. I was one of the early owners and dearly loved our Bowlus, but when I saw what they had done, I made a fast trade-in for the Volterra. I thought my first Bowlus was my forever Bowlus, but I like how the Volterra makes me feel proud to do everything…

terra firma interior 1612364913

Bowlus Keeps Racking Up The Firsts!

Bowlus is known for firsts, and when I saw their All-Electric announcement, I placed my order. From a tech perspective, there is so much packed into it that it is outstanding. However, the interior, La Cumbre, is just so comfortable, and after this summer of flying, I am ready for some luxury land travel.

terra firma interior 1612364913

The Right Way to Visit Our National Parks

New Bowlus Volterra owner here. It seemed wrong that we’d visit the National Parks with some R.V. gas-guzzler while we ran a generator that drowned out the wildlife, so we were so excited when Bowlus announced its all-electric move. The Volterra doesn’t disappoint. It impressed us beyond belief (and we are both in tech). Besides…

terra firma interior 1612364913

All-Electric and We’re All In!

We just toured the new Bowlus Volterra and placed our order. It is amazing! We were seeking an all-electric RV, but all we found were companies talking a line with no production plans in sight and not a salesperson who understood our needs. Bowlus not only understands technology and their target market but can execute…

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You Have Nailed the Zeitgeist of Today’s Traveler

I was about to consider a Bespoke Performance Edition when the Terra Firma arrived in my inbox. Seriously Geneva, you consistently nail the zeitgeist of today’s traveler. So stunning, the Terra Firma is everything I wanted on the tech side and, of course, including all the Endless Highways Performance Edition features. But you get me…

EndlessHighways PerformanceEdition Interior002 810x540

It is so well designed!

It is so well designed! It really is magical inside! My husband thought it would be tight inside based on the photos (he’s 6’2″ and 200+ pounds), but we both found it incredibly roomy. We want to take it everywhere – we loved it!