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It is so well designed!

It is so well designed!
It really is magical inside! My husband thought it would be tight inside based on the photos (he’s 6’2″ and 200+ pounds), but we both found it incredibly roomy. We want to take it everywhere – we loved it!


The Most Thorough Sales Presentation I Have Ever Experienced And We Didn’t Have to Leave Home

I was rather skeptical about the Bowlus purchasing process and FaceTime tour. I always thought I needed to “kick the tires” before I bought something. I’m not sure I have ever had such a thorough presentation in my life. I felt so comfortable with their process that I immediately signed the online purchase agreement. We look forward to finally visiting our kids later this summer in our Bowlus bubble of luxury!


We just had to let you all know…

We don’t usually write testimonials but after our first month in our Bowlus we just had to let you all know just how happy we are with our decision. What a breeze to drive, and operate. The continuous hot water and super large shower is the perfect end to our day. Our beautifully appointed cocoon of a bedroom delivers us a consistent perfect night sleep. Our only regret was waiting five years to buy a Bowlus – our biggest mistake ever! Order yours today!

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Wow! Wow! Wow!

I just took delivery of my Endless Highways and all I can say is Wow! Wow! Wow! It is as amazing in person as it is on your website. Just went for my first long weekend camping and it was so much fun! Thank you to everyone at Bowlus for making my Bowlus my favorite purchasing experience ever!

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We wanted to be transported to another place, both mentally and physically.

We bought our Bowlus not just to have a luxury trailer, but because only its history, legend, and timeless design could provide the nostalgic escape and land travel we were looking for. We wanted to be transported to another place, both mentally and physically.

Our first trip took our family of four three weeks and thousands of miles to the middle of the continent. It would not have been the same without our Bowlus. It sparked conversations and provided a place of respite and reflection.

We’d also be remiss to not commend Bowlus on their wonderful support. Every time we had a question they were quick to respond and genuinely happy to help guide us along. We haven’t owned a RV before and they made sure we weren’t alone.

Can’t wait to head out for another adventure!

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We were both smitten.

My spouse noticed it first.  We were sitting on the runway waiting for the airplane to take off when she handed me a section of the newspaper and said: “look at this.”  It was an article about the Bowlus and the effort by the Longs to reintroduce the camping trailer. We were both smitten. While we had been taking our children camping ever since they were young, it was tent camping from the trunk of a minivan.  We loved camping, but now that our 3 children were nearly launched I had grown a bit tired of all the work involved in breaking down camp. We reached a stage where we would hike and visit parks but stay in a hotel or rent an AirBnB.

Reading about the Bowlus that morning changed all that.  We spent the next year reading about campers, 5th Wheels, RV’s as well as signing up for the Bowlus emails.  We joined a few discussion boards and read about the problems with many of the campers, we read the discussions about Airstreams, where we even saw a lot of back and forth about the Bowlus, particularly about the price.  Many of the articles were critical, even though it was clear that the writer had never seen one nor stayed in one. Writers who took on the assignment from their publications of using the Bowlus wrote glowing reviews, and occasionally we see a response to a critical posting by a few people who owned one.

It was easy, without even having seen it in person, to recognize how special the Bowlus was.  The design and the quality of the construction were readily apparent. Helena Mitchell graciously spent several hours with us answering all our questions many of which were probably quite naïve. She explained how to use the camper and discussed some of the adventures she had undertaken, both on her own and with her husband, John.

Despite all our research, we did feel we took somewhat of a big leap of faith and ordered the Bowlus and a fancy new car to pull it, would be the perfect way to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.  We fully expect that our trailer will outlive us, and we hope it will be inherited by one of our children or grandchildren.  We also look forward to the time in which we will be able to take grand-children on short camping trips with us.

Two years hence, we constantly look for opportunities to use our Bowlus.  Instead of renting at the beach, we camped near the Delaware shore. When one of my children graduated from graduate school in Cambridge MA, we camped outside of Boston and then spent a long weekend on Cape Cod.  We have taken long weekends near our home in Maryland and have taken longer trips to Shenandoah National Park. Last summer we spent time in Acadia National Forest in Maine followed by two weeks in several of the Canadian National Parks in Nova Scotia.  We circled the Nova Scotia peninsula and then took a high-speed ferry from Yarmouth NS to Portland ME. This summer another child is graduating from college and we have already booked campsites outside Denver, CO. From there we are planning a trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, and then Lake Tahoe, by way of San Francisco.

We have learned what is important to pack and what is not; how to negotiate the trailer with our 80 lb. dog, and how to handle frozen food.  Backing up was the scary part, particularly since the trailer turns on a dime, but by the end of last summer, for the first time, I was able to back up a long and straight driveway, without having to make any adjustments, on the first attempt.

We have two regrets about the Bowlus. First, because we are both still working full time, we do not have the time necessary to take many longer trips.  Second, we have not yet found a practical way to undertake trips abroad with our Bowlus.

The truth is, we miss our Bowlus when it has been too long since we last “hit” the road.

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It’s my job to travel.

It’s my job to travel. As a photographer, I’ve worked in over 140 countries and all 50 states, so I’ve spent a good portion of my life in airports, on planes, and in hotels. As a result, when I’m not on assignment, my wife Lisa and I consider it the ultimate luxury to navigate the world by car, while pulling our mobile home. We travel slowly, meeting incredible people along the way, while savoring everything around us.

We’ve owned a couple Airstreams in the past, which were wonderful, except for the fact they were perpetually in the shop, getting repaired. After a few years of this, someone suggested that we check out The Bowlus, and immediately ordered one.

We’re thrilled that we did, as our “Mobile Cottage”, as we call it, has revolutionized the way we explore. Because of its monocoque design, it weighs less than half of one of our old trailers, so we pull it with our car, instead of a pick-up truck. We’re delighted with the artistry of its design, as well as the high level of craftsmanship in its construction. It’s gorgeous.

We feel nimble and light, and the freedom that comes with a solar panel and cassette toilet cannot be underestimated. From needing full hook-ups in cramped RV parks, we now feel free to camp comfortably in National Parks for weeks of untethered endless hiking, skiing, and adventuring. We love it.

This past fall, our trailer proved its mettle, as it survived the Woolsey Fire in Malibu. I was working down the coast that fateful day, so I couldn’t get back in time to pull it to safety, as the fire was raging at a clip of a football field per second. For ten long days we agonized, fearing the worst. We thought that we’d lost our beautiful trailer and everything in it. Finally, when I was able to get through the police blockade, I rushed to where I’d parked it, and found it completely unscathed, gleaming in the California sunshine amidst the debris. Everything around it was burnt to a crisp, including a brand new Chevy pick-up, a Harley Davidson, a huge backhoe, as well other trailers. I can’t explain our luck, except that perhaps the burning embers just bounced harmlessly off of the aircraft grade aluminum. Whatever it was that saved our Bowlus from certain destruction, we now call it our miracle trailer. Long live “The Mobile Cottage!”.

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We love the access that our Bowlus gives us to America’s wonderful sites

We love the access that our Bowlus gives us to America’s wonderful sites; it has been perfect for us and our two Jack Russell Terriers. As represented, we find the size, weight, ease of pulling, quick set up, and efficiency of design ‘just right.’ To us it’s luxury travel in our Lexus with a first class, convenient and very comfortable mini-mansion. Photography is a passion of ours and we are hiking enthusiasts and always active. We can’t think of a better way to do both than with a Bowlus. Thanks Bowlus!

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We looked at all kinds of RV options for about five years before purchasing our Bowlus.

We looked at all kinds of RV options for about five years before purchasing our Bowlus. Why did we buy? First, the light weight made it possible for us to buy something that would check all of our boxes. It is unbelievable what quality construction, technological advancements, comfort, and true luxury are packed into this dream trailer. It handles like a dream on any road. With 85 mph speed limits on Utah’s interstates or crossing the bridge at Hoover Dam with 40 to 50 mph cross winds, you absolutely forget it is behind you. I swear that several times driving down the highway, we look in the rear-view mirror and are startled to see that we have a Bowlus behind us. The craftsmanship is superb, bringing together both American and European components – talk about a show-stopper.

We have now taken two major trips. The first was last fall in picturesque Utah, and the second was a 6,600 mile, six week trip to the east coast. The two of us plus our two dogs loved every minute of both trips. We are heading out again soon for a couple of weeks and are planning another trip for two months in late spring. Then next fall, we plan on going from Arizona to Nova Scotia, timing the fall colors of New England.

We can honestly say that we have not had one day of buyer’s remorse. Our advice is to go order one today and enjoy this remarkable Bowlus experience.

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Thank you for taking us on this wild ride!

Before I was ever a woman, I was a girl who married a boy fourteen years ago. I didn’t know much about life – I was comfortably miserable in my small world and terrified of adventure, the ocean and camping. He lived for all of these things. He packed a backpack on our honeymoon to Italy and I packed two suitcases. We continued on with life joking about how being opposites was fun but really, life was black and white with gray smeared on top. Two kids, separate dreams and twelve (very) opposite years later, we had fallen to our knees yet again, disconnecting and reconnecting in a tangled beautiful mess of highs and lows and a small fortune spent on therapy.

Somehow, with guidance and will, we held on just by letting go. I was loved at my worst, and, patiently, he got my best. This is where our Bowlus adventure begins even though we didn’t know it at the time. I realized I needed to “let go” and suddenly found myself wanting to do just that. Where could we go just the two of us that was so out of my box? I got out a map. Iceland. That will do just fine, thank you. There was one rule for this trip we considered our marriage salvation – no rules at all. Get on a plane, reserve a camper (seriously?) and get in it and go. No destination. No plan. No fear. Just the two of us and an Atlas. The old beater of a camper was adorned with a hodge-podge of old sheets. Not a single pillowcase matched another piece of bedding, and it was clear this thing had been lived in by a thousand other lives. Perfect. Just perfect. I needed to let go and suddenly this city girl was winging it in a beat-up camper with the name “Duke” etched on the side. Our whimsical plan of a trip was life changing. We were two lost souls married to the strangers in one another who managed to find each other and Duke was our vehicle. We set up picnics on the side of roads, laughed at how “lost” we’d get and hiked some of the most breathtaking parts of the Earth side by side. We slept through the cold nights huddled close in the mismatched sheets and dried off from natural hot springs with thin mismatched towels. As we returned Duke to the dealer, we promised him we would somehow reincarnate him in the States.

We picked up our Bowlus, in March of 2016 and began the first of many adventures. Duke (as we call it) has now been through 18 states, countless state parks, on a ferry to cross NY to VT, and even in front of the Biltmore estate! The Bowlus is elegant minimalism…it teaches our children how to respect the small space we share and to appreciate the art of living in the most beautiful, comfortable silver bullet under the canopy of a national forest. The folks at Bowlus have thought of it all, from the floor heating to the screen door to the creative storage space, but they never knew how they would transform the lives of our family and re-energize our marriage. Thank you for taking us on this wild ride!

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