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Are you waiting for the stars to align?

Are you waiting for the stars to align?

Do you ever feel like you need a sign to move ahead on a decision only to find that you waited too long and miss your opportunity? We understand as it happens to us also.

Maybe you’re still wrapping your head around the thought that you’re a “camper”? Perhaps you are worried about towing? Maybe you just don’t know what’s possible? Last week we heard from a new owner on their adventures this summer in their Endless Highways Performance Edition. We spoke to them first in 2015 when we appeared in a glowing article in the Wall Street Journal. Then, in 2016, when we received an excellent review by CNET. In 2019 after a fabulous Robb Report article and in October 2019, we appeared in an excellent Dwell article. Finally, they decided that 2020 was the “right time” for a Bowlus delivery. 

Here’s what she wrote, “The Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition is even more beautiful in person – we like to think of it as our armored rolling art. When I read it was the ultimate in land travel, I thought it was an overstatement, but after a summer of traveling, I truly believe nothing compares. Even better, you can enjoy all the comforts of home, including Wifi, air-conditioning, heated floors, a huge teak shower! My husband, who is tethered to work, loves that he could keep on top of everything back in the city with the Bowlus communication system. For two Manhattanites (yes, it tows like a breeze), we celebrated our good fortune of Bowlus ownership under a star-filled Utah sky. As we drank some very fancy cocktails, we spoke of our only regret – you guessed it – not owning a Bowlus sooner!”