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Celebrating Inspiration

Celebrating Inspiration

When a new idea begins to take shape in our minds, we feel a dawning. A vitality, like crisp mountain air, revives us as we begin to envision the possibilities life offers. Suddenly, you see what can be. You know that feeling. We know it, too, and we love it.

We believe inspiration comes more often when we make time for nature. As we hike a mountain trail, our minds roam as freely as our sweet Betty-dog, and a simple act, like running our hands along both sides of a slot canyon, can ignite incredible ideas weeks, months, or even years later.

Hawley Bowlus found his inspiration in nature, too. He created the first riveted aluminum travel trailer while he was seeking the most desirable glider takeoff locations along the California coast. He needed to overnight in order to catch the perfect wind, but there were no hotels in the locations he found. Where could he stay? And then, the dawning…he imagined the Bowlus Road Chief, and his overnight stays in it helped him create gliding records.

At Bowlus, we confront design and engineering challenges by methodically constructing a solution that pleases our senses just as much as the job specifications. Because design stands at the intersection of art, engineering, and commerce, our innovations must always elevate your experience. A long, hot shower in a private bathroom, a heavenly bed with cozy linens, or a fully charged tablet (or cell phone or laptop or…) all fulfill functions, but they also provide the creature comforts we desire. We always move you, in style and with grace, towards to the people and things you love.

So what’s been inspiring us recently? In honor of what is soon to come, we thought we’d share with you our muse:Katie Lee, an amazing folk singer and environmentalist whose songs are a sweet homage to the rivers and canyons we love. In Katie’s view, “The best way to live life is to venture into the wilder places.” We couldn’t agree more. In honor of Katie’s spirit of seeking, we look forward to your Bowlus moving you to venture towards the extraordinary and to an exciting world of possibilities.