Give Yourself Permission To Be Lazy

Give Yourself Permission To Be Lazy

Owners tell us one of their favorite features of the Bowlus is the ability to pull over and take a nap in the Zen-like luxurious bedroom. Many of us experience the activity rush where we are continuously on the go maximizing our little time off by piling up activities and then hustling from one thing to the next. But what we often need to remind ourselves that less really can be more. And pulling over in a Bowlus is easy when you just need two parking spots.

Sometimes we plan Bowlus weekends where we let our whims lead us. When we feel tired, we stop. The reward is a greater sense of peace and relaxation, a great ability to be present and what we love most is that spontaneity often delivers on that feeling of pure delight.

So here is to simple indulgences. Maybe it’s a nap after a morning of surfing or a demanding hike. Naps are wonderful for processing new experiences and making you feel rejuvenated. Maybe your “lazy” is watching an entire sunset or sunrise – experiencing one never gets old. It can be your quiet time to reflect on the bigness or smallness of life. Maybe it’s the colors or the movement or the stillness that gives you a special connection with the awesomeness of nature and the cosmos. Just breathe and take it all in.

With just a few official days of summer left, we’d like to suggest taking off your shoes. Feel the grass, dirt or sand between your toes (you can always rinse it off with the Bowlus indoor/outdoor shower) then really stretch out. After all, the Bowlus’ beds are 6’7” long and don’t forget that fabulous king when you add that package. Snuggle in the eco beauty of real linen under a duvet that makes you say, “awe!” Be in the moment and make the most of it.