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The Truth About the RV Industry and How Bowlus® is Changing it

The Truth About the RV Industry and How Bowlus® is Changing it

Consumers have been putting up with defective RV builds and dreadful designs for far too long. The industry business model pushes poorly conceived and sloppily made RVs to dealers, who are tasked with pushing that subpar inventory onto you. Poor design in the RV industry has even created an entire DIY industry where third parties and owners attempt to get things “right.”

Crazy, isn’t it? The consequences of these actions range from the challenge to make a good investment decision to the unnecessary filling of dumpsites with non-recyclable materials to time wasted sealing rivets and plugging leaks instead of enjoying the activities and people you love.

At Bowlus, we’ve been reimagining and leading the RV industry for more than five years with thoughtful design and innovative user experiences. Our Bowlus do not have the same issues of other RVs because we build them with the highest quality materials for a lifetime of adventures. Sure, quality and great design may cost more at the outset. However, with other RVs, you suffer the costs of replacing units every few years along with a gas guzzling SUV/pickup just to tow it.

We’ve used our experiences and adventures to think about how to travel in an entirely new way. We start with a sales process that is focused on you. Next, we design and execute a superior fit and finish that is truly out of this world. Our quality control process ensures we can confidently direct-deliver your Bowlus to the comfort of your home.

Although we hope that you never encounter any problems, if you do, we have channels in place to support you and provide assistance no matter your location. This allows you to get back to your adventures as soon as possible. For us, every decision we make is driven by a design philosophy that pivots on you adventuring on your terms. Yes, it really is that simple.

So, here we are disrupting the RV industry (again) for mindful adventurers like you.