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What Does Your Dog Think About While You’re Away?

What Does Your Dog Think About While You’re Away?

If you are anything like us, you hate leaving your dog behind when you head out of town for a weekend of fun. We especially hate the idea of our dogs left behind and locked in a crate next to a bunch of other sad and lonely dogs that are missing their people. As dog lovers, we found ourselves avoiding trips so our dear Betty and Aunt Dorothy wouldn’t be cooped up all weekend. This is just one of the many reasons why we created the Limited Edition – Endless Highway® Bowlus.

We love how dogs make for the best “camp”anions and how nothing is better than taking the time to discover new places with them. We love to fill a drawer with their favorite toys and treats to make every trip a joy. Betty can chase balls at the beach forever and Aunt Dorothy loves nothing more than a fresh bowl of water after a morning hike. We’ve noticed that after a day of playing outside, they love after a day of play to come inside cool off in some air-conditioning (whether you’re on or off the grid) and that’s why our dogs love the Endless Highways.  Also, our dedicated router allows you to head out for a night on the town as you can monitor your available power and enjoy your fabulous meal or late-night cocktails with the knowledge that your four-footed pal is relaxing in the AC as cool as a cucumber.

We can’t wait for you and your best friend to experience the difference with the Bowlus Endless Highways.