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Why Does Good Design Matter?

Why Does Good Design Matter?

The Bowlus is recognized as one of the most beautifully designed, easiest to use and most user-friendliest RVs in the world. You might wonder how we have achieved such venerable status in a billion-dollar industry in just a few years?

Design, design, design. And heart.

We love—make that “REALLY love”—to explore. However, doing it in a traditional RV or van never made the experience more compelling. Sure, it got us there. Sure, it provided some basics. However, it never played even a minor supporting role in one of our adventures. We knew traveling and camping could be so much more. We wanted it to matter.

So, we started by challenging the status quo. With a background in user experience and tech, we knew that tech is just tech unless it produces incredible utility. It is our mission to better your experiences. We believe meaningful innovation can improve your life.  So, on that premise, we were the first in our industry to really lean in with technology in order to make your lives of work and play easier. We started with small innovations like heating floors because we know that happy feet can positively influence your mood.

For us, good design should concentrate on the essential aspects. An RV or van is purchased for its utility. It must satisfy the functional, psychological and the aesthetic needs of the user. We thought long and hard about these issues to ensure the Bowlus  would be intentionally designed for supreme usefulness.

A conversation about a Bowlus often starts outside the travel trailer, where we touch on smart size, easy hitching, agility and drivability. The conversation then moves to the Bowlus’ interior to discuss the importance of superior fit and finish and an explanation of how our signature internal door system eliminates potential conflict between users. We celebrate different sleeping styles and our door system allows for early risers and night owls to co-habit with love.

Never underestimate the power of design that is beautiful, easy to use and user-friendly. It can transform your life.