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Camping Vs. Glamping: The Key Differences To Know

Camping Vs. Glamping: The Key Differences To Know

Camping? Glamping? Confused about what exactly the difference is between the two? The team at Bowlus is here to help!

While the two have a lot in common, they also have some key differences that can help you to better understand them and decide which one is right for you. We’re not really into glamping, but we do have some tips on how to have the most comfortable camping experience possible, so just relax and enjoy the ride!

What Is Camping?

Camping, by definition, is just taking up “temporary residence” in the outdoors for the purpose of recreation. While a lot of people believe that camping has always to be done in a tent, the definition also encompasses sleeping in an outdoor shelter in general, like modified vehicles (i.e., campers). It’s an activity that is done for at least one overnight, and usually more than one.

It’s hard to really define camping concisely because camping is different for everyone who does it. For some people, camping means taking a giant tent out into the woods and making all of their meals over a campfire. For others, their idea of camping is throwing a few things into a backpack, hiking up a mountain, and pitching a tent in the first clearing they find. Neither of those is a “right” or a “wrong” way to camp.

What Is Luxury Camping?

You can still experience nature with all the amenities you want if you just take it up a notch. It’s essentially the luxury edition of camping.

When you travel with a Bowlus travel trailer, you get amenities relating to things like plumbing, electricity, and beds. Think of it as a mobile 5-star hotel room that still allows you access to the great outdoors.

However you choose to camp, the idea is the same: you’re getting out into nature, setting up a campsite, and spending the night. It’s just the way that it’s done that differs.

How Do You Decide?

To really understand the core differences between tent camping and using a travel trailer, we’ll look at a few questions. The answers to those questions can really help you narrow down which one is right for you.

Where Do You Want To Sleep?

The first question that showcases the differences between camping and using a Bowlus trailer is asking yourself where you want to sleep.

With traditional camping, you’ll likely be sleeping outside in a tent. That means basically sleeping on the ground, usually in a sleeping bag. Some people camp in a pop-up tent or small camper, but generally, that also involves sleeping bags and minimal comfort. Not to mention that it can get extremely wet and dirty when you’re crammed inside a tent.

On the other hand, if you choose to sleep in a luxury RV, you’re in for a treat. The Endless Highways Edition has separate bedrooms with supportive, comfortable memory foam mattresses. You likely won’t notice any difference between sleeping in your own bed or sleeping at a hotel. Our beds even come equipped with soft designer sheets so that you may very well have the best sleep of your life, even when you’re on the road.

If where you sleep (and how you sleep) is an important factor for you, or if you have back issues that might be worsened by sleeping in a non-supportive environment, a Bowlus is absolutely the right choice for you. And who wouldn’t want to sleep in comfort?

How Do You Want To Cook And Where Do You Want To Eat?

After considering where you want to sleep, the next question to ask yourself is how you want to cook while you’re spending time in nature and where you see yourself eating.

In almost every instance, camping involves cooking your food over a campfire. There are the obvious, simple options like hot dogs and s’mores, but some people get fancier with their meal options. There are even entire lists of recipes designed to be cooked over an open flame. To eat while doing some traditional camping, you’ll need to really plan in advance and bring a cooler or food that doesn’t necessarily need to be refrigerated (especially if you plan to do some backpack camping).

With a Bowlus, cooking is easy because you have a gorgeous kitchen with an Italian two-burner stove, a microwave, and plenty of stainless steel counter space. You also get a microwave, as well as a refrigerator/freezer combo to store perishable foods in. In our galley, creating gourmet, multiple course meals is just as easy as if you were at home. You have to make very few sacrifices in terms of the way you cook.

Obviously, neither of those options matter if you’re the type of person who would prefer to drive into town and eat your meals at a local restaurant. But if you love to cook and want to be able to prepare your own meals (maybe even with some local ingredients), then the Bowlus is the choice for you.

Where Do You Plan On Going To The Bathroom?

While it’s not necessarily something most people want to think about because it’s not as much fun as eating or sleeping, using the bathroom is an important consideration to take into account when deciding on your outdoor experience.

In most cases, camping involves having to go to the bathroom outside. Depending on how far you are away from civilization, this may include literally bringing toilet paper and finding a place to go in the woods.

Some people tent or camper camp in an area (like a national park) with bathroom facilities, even if those facilities are fairly bare-bones. So if where you go is important to you, standard camping may not be the best option.

Luxury RVs provide their own solution to the bathroom problem by providing campers with a bathroom with modern plumbing. Instead of having to find a place to go, you’ll be able to use the restroom and flush the toilet the same way you would at home. The only difference is that you will have to empty the cassette system at some point on your trip, which is much easier and less stinky than hooking up the ‘stinky slinky’ commonly found in most RVs.

Finally… Is Showering Important To You?

Part of any camping experience involves getting a little bit dirty and sweaty. Most people go hiking while they’re out enjoying nature, which is hard work! At the end of a long day, is taking a shower something that is important to you?

Many campers embrace not smelling the best as just a normal part of the camping experience. Depending on how long the camping trip is, they may try to station themselves near a facility that may have an outdoor shower if they really feel the need. Others will just dive into a lake and bathe that way. Having a quality shower doesn’t factor into the equation for them.

With a Bowlus, showers are not only possible but readily available. Our models have full showers so that you can just pop in after a long day of hiking and shower the sweat off. If you want to end the day freshly showered and toweled off, a travel trailer is the right decision for you.

Your Bowlus can also provide you with continuous hot water, even when parked far off the grid.

Why Spending Time In Nature Is Great For You

However you choose to do it, getting yourself away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life is a positive thing.

In fact, even just getting outside to take a walk can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. This can be even more true when you go camping with a group of people that you love. The support system that is provided by people you can trust and rely on, when combined with being able to unplug and get away from all of the normal stressors of life, can really change your entire outlook.

In addition, hiking and other outdoor activities that are usually associated with camping are also physically great for you. According to researchers, hiking is great for the core muscles and cardiovascular health and can help promote maintaining a healthy weight. It’s a great way of getting exercise while also having fun, in a way that doesn’t really feel like exercise. The type of physical exertion that hiking requires can also help you sleep better at night since you’ll be exhausted both physically and mentally and ready for a good night’s sleep.

To Summarize…

Whether you’re camping or using your Bowlus travel trailer, as long as you’re getting out into nature, you’ll reap all of the benefits. From boosting your physical health to reducing anxiety and stress, we all need a moment to relax and unwind.

Your Bowlus travel trailer truly is the best way to experience the outdoors. You never have to give up the comforts that you need while experiencing all the beautiful locations that the country has to offer. From our heated floors to the teak seating in the bathrooms, everything about a Bowlus travel trailer was designed to give you the best trip possible. We hope you make Bowlus a part of your next adventure!