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Choosing The Best Luxury Camper For You

Choosing The Best Luxury Camper For You

Are you ready to make the leap into purchasing your own luxury camper? Congratulations! While this may be one of the “bigger” purchases that you make in your life, making a decision with all of the available information you need to make the right choice for you is the best way to go.

Here at Bowlus, we’ve created our travel trailers to be able to bring you everything you might need to have the adventures you’ve always dreamed of. But how exactly do you know what you’re looking for in a luxury camper? What factors should you consider? We’re here to help.

Consider Your Vehicle

Luxury campers were designed to be towed behind a vehicle and unhooked when winterized so that it can be stored during the cooler months (in most cases). However, the Bowlus is one of the few campers that was designed for use all year round. If you’re considering purchasing a new camper, you’ll need to also consider the type of vehicle you plan on using to tow it.

Start by taking a look at your existing vehicle’s towing capacity. This number is usually located in the vehicle’s manual or is sometimes on a sticker somewhere near the driver’s side of the vehicle. It will tell you just how many pounds of weight that your vehicle can safely tow without risking damage to the vehicle (or to the camper while towing it).

Once you have found that information, you can take it with you when researching any new luxury campers you may be interested in. You should never purchase a luxury camper that weighs more than what your vehicle can tow unless you’re willing to purchase a new vehicle to tow it. Many Bowlus customers purchase a brand new SUV (like a Range Rover or Porsche) to tow their Bowlus, so make sure that you choose the right vehicle for you!

Keep in mind, luxury campers are incredibly diverse and can weigh anywhere from 500 to 8500 pounds. Some Airstreams weight 10k pounds, or even more. Luckily, Bowlus travel trailers are incredibly lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to tow it with. Most SUVs are capable of handling a Bowlus just fine, and even some cars can handle pulling it.

How Many People Will Be Traveling With You?

So you have a ballpark idea of how much you’re looking to spend, and your vehicle seems to be able to tow a luxury camper with very little issue… what now?

The next factor is thinking about how many people you plan to travel with on a regular basis. If you plan on just taking your dog and heading out into the woods for a long weekend, you won’t need as much space in your travel trailer as someone goes traveling regularly with their entire family.

That can make your decision a little easier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bigger travel trailer just for yourself! Plenty of people just want extra room to relax, even when they are taking a solo trip out into the woods.

A Bowlus has plenty of living space, with a well-designed living area and a comfortable dining area that can seat four. Not only that, but the sectioned-off master bedroom features a king-size bed that can be split into two twins, depending on who you’re traveling with. If you have even more campers with you, the sofa and the armchairs in the living area convert into two more sleeping berths, so you have plenty of space for everyone you brought with you.

Make A List Of What Amenities Are Important To You

The next step is to sort out which amenities are important to you and try to rank them according to their importance. Here are just a few of the most important amenities to consider:

Bathroom Size And Features

For many people purchasing a luxury camper, the idea of having to use the bathroom outside is absolutely out of the question. That’s one of the main reasons many people make the decision to buy, ultimately, But the bathroom amenities in campers can vary widely, even between different styles of the same manufacturer. That’s why it’s so important to really nail down what is important to you in a bathroom before purchasing one.

Things to think about when it comes to luxury camper bathrooms are your requirements for storage space, the size of the bathroom as a whole, how much hot water you generally use, and what type of shower you prefer.

With a Bowlus, you get continuous hot water, so you never have to worry about running out when you’re showering under our Italian marine shower head (which, by the way, can extend outside). You can also fully separate the shower from the toilet, so that both can be used at once, and the bathroom features a vanity with plenty of storage space for all your needs.

Kitchen Amenities

Even though plenty of cooking is done over a fire when camping, even when you head out in a luxury trailer, the ability to cook larger, gourmet meals is sometimes what draws people to consider purchasing a luxury trailer.

The kitchen amenities offered by luxury campers tend to vary, as well, but ultimately include many of the same features. A Bowlus has an Italian two burner stovetop, a refrigerator and freezer, and a microwave. Not to mention that there’s plenty of counter space, so that you can prepare all the gourmet meals you’d like while you’re out gallivanting around the countryside.

In addition to looking at the appliances that come in the luxury camper, you’ll also want to consider the size of the kitchen and any associated storage. You can often do a lot with a stovetop and a microwave (and any other appliances you may choose to bring with you), but you can’t cook nearly as well without space to prep on. You’ll also need plenty of storage space to keep any items, both perishable and non-perishable, that you want to bring with you to cook with. Keep in mind at least a portion of the cabinet space is likely to be used to store plates and silverware.

A Bowlus galley features three aluminum cabinets so that you know you have plenty of storage space for all the goodies you’ve picked up from the local farmers market.

Bedrooms And Sleeping Spaces

You’ve probably already done some thinking on this topic when considering how many people you’ll be traveling with, but take a little more time to really hone in what is important to you in a sleeping space while you’re out on the road.

The first consideration is the actual master bedroom. Do you prefer to pay a little more for a comfortable, supportive mattress, or is that not as important to you? Will you be sharing the bedroom with a partner, or would you rather have two twin-sized beds? Both are options for Bowlus travel trailers, because our memory foam topped king-sized bed that can be broken up into two twin-sized beds easily.

Also, consider others that will be traveling with you. Do they need their own beds, or will they be camping outside? The Bowlus features a sofa and armchairs that can convert into two additional sleeping berths, so you have all the sleeping space that you need. In fact, young children are often especially excited about sleeping on a pull-out couch, as it feels like even more of an adventure. Sleeping arrangements can be dynamic and don’t need to be the same every time… that’s what makes vacations so much fun!

In Conclusion…

Buying a luxury camper is an incredible investment into future adventures. The luxury amenities provided in our travel trailers, from the long-lasting lithium battery that can power your trailer off grid for at least a week to the heated floors and bespoke detailing ensure that your trailer is absolutely perfect for you and any adventures that you decide to take along the way.

We hope you choose a Bowlus to help you enjoy all of your time on the road and out in nature, so you are able to get out and experience life without all of the hustle and bustle that we often find ourselves in. You deserve time like that. It’s an important part of living a healthy and balanced life.