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Hot Springs to Visit Near Me

Hot Springs to Visit Near Me

If you haven’t visited a hot spring before, you’re missing out. Hot springs, sometimes called geothermal springs, are natural wonders set in scenic environments—perfect for relaxing in the most organic, down-to-earth way possible. 

The next time you head out for an adventure in your Bowlus, consider heading out to a hot spring near you. Traveling to them in your luxury travel trailer is the best way to experience the natural beauty and health benefits of a hot spring without having to worry about leaving any of your creature comforts at home.

Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

On the banks of the historic Rio Grande River is the Riverbend Hot Springs. The hot springs have long been an important part of the Native American history of the area, for both the Apache and the Mimbres tribes. The spring continues to be an untouched natural wonder, full of crystal clear, world-class mineral water.

When visiting the hot springs, access is granted through the Riverbend Hot Springs resort. You can buy a property pass, which allows you to access the hot springs for an hour at a time, or you can choose to rent an RV site and park your Bowlus onsite. We recommend finding an offsite, off-grid camping spot so that you can avoid all the hustle and bustle of the resort and enjoy some time experiencing nature.

After you’ve spent the day soaking in the hot spring, come back to your luxury travel trailer and make yourself a home-cooked meal. With two burners on the Italian-made cooktop and a fridge/freezer combination with a high-efficiency 12-volt compressor, you’ll be able to bring all the high-quality ingredients you need to make an impressive meal without worrying about a campfire. 

If you’d rather cook outdoors, the exterior of your Bowlus is outdoor kitchen ready, with both a 110 volt and propane outlet so that you can use an induction cooktop or propane barbeque under the open sky with no trouble at all. 

Glenwood Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs, located in Glenwood Springs between Aspen and Vale, Colorado, is the largest hot springs pool in the entire world. It was originally known as Yampah by the local Ute Native American tribe, which means “big medicine.” This gives you a hint about just how amazing this water is—some people even believe that it has healing properties! There are 15 different minerals in the water, which is why people boast that they can relieve all sorts of aches and pains.

Access to the hot springs comes through the Glenwood Hot Springs luxury resort. However, instead of having to rent a room, the resort offers parking onsite so that you can enjoy them during the day and then head out on your own adventures at night.

With your aches and pains gone, you’ll likely feel lighter and more relaxed than you have in years. You might even be ready for bed! Luckily, the comfort continues when you get back to your Bowlus luxury travel trailer. We designed the bedroom to create the utmost in luxury and comfort, with a king-sized bed topped with a memory foam top layer and fitted with eco linen sheets. You’ll be able to drift off to sleep in your comfortable, temperature-controlled environment… you’ve probably never slept so well in your life! And if you’re traveling with more friends, the bed converts into two twin-sized beds, and there are two other convertible sleeping berths. The best part is that you can get up and do it again the next day.

Valley View Hot Springs in Moffat, Colorado

Although Valley View Hot Springs is located in the same state as Glenwood Hot Springs, the two couldn’t be more different. For starters, Valley View is owned not by a for-profit resort but by a non-profit charity organization. That makes a world of difference in terms of accessibility.

The hot springs are about an hour north of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. They are perfect for people who like a little adventure with their relaxation, as some of the multiple naturally fed springs are located at the top of a 400-foot elevated hike. The hot springs are also much more secluded than many others on the list, so it’s the perfect choice for campers who don’t want to spend their days in busy and overcrowded public spaces. However, it is important to note that the entire area is considered clothing optional, so adventure at your own risk!

For a little more privacy at the end of the day, head back to your luxury travel trailer. Not only does the reflective exterior allow you privacy from the outside world, but the expansive interior of the travel trailer can also be made private if you need a little “me” time. It also comes with its own private Wi-Fi network so that you can still access the internet without concerns about your personal data. Every luxury travel trailer also comes equipped with a cellular booster and a cell enabled router, so signal will never be a concern.

Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport, California

The best part about Travertine Hot Springs (in addition to its stunning, natural beauty) is that it is free to visit. The hot springs are inside the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest, and the mineral composition makes the rocks shine in incredible reds, greens, and oranges. However, this hot spring is another clothing-optional space, so it might not be the best place to travel with children. Many people who visit the hot springs like to cover themselves in the clay for a unique wellness experience, though, so don’t expect rampant nudity. 

There are plenty of free boondocking opportunities located on the national forest land, as well. Luckily, the electrical power system of the Bowlus was designed to allow anyone to have an effortless, off-grid experience. The luxury travel trailer makes use of the largest lithium-iron phosphate battery in the industry so that campers don’t have to worry about their power consumption while having the camping experience of their dreams. The entire system can also be charged in just three to four hours, so recharging is easy for those longer off-grid trips. 

When visiting natural sites like these, you also don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of traveling. Our luxury travel trailers create a zero-emissions road trip when making the trip with an electric vehicle. In fact, the external 110-volt outlet can give your electric vehicle an emergency mini-charge, if needed. It’s those small things that create the peace of mind that Bowlus is known for.

Berkeley Springs in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

While most hot springs in the country are located on or near the West Coast, there are a few worth mentioning on the East Coast. One of those is Berkeley Springs, located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. These hot springs are part of the very first spa in the entire country.

While the magic waters of the hot springs are enough reason to visit, the town surrounding them was recently named one of the best historic small towns in the United States, as well as one of the most romantic. Once you’re done soaking in the hot springs, you can soak in the town.

There are plenty of camping and boondocking opportunities available just outside of the town as well. We like Cacapon Hideaway, which is a more primitive camping site located in the Cacapon mountains. It’s wooded, private, and close to the hot springs and a variety of different outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, biking, and golf.

Once you’re done visiting the town, head back to your Bowlus to continue your romantic evening. Sit side by side on the high-quality sofa in your private living room and watch a movie together, or just pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company. You’ll be able to have a private, romantic night in, even while you’re camping in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, getting away with the person you love can be exactly what you need.

In Conclusion…

Visiting one of the hot springs located all across this country is a no-brainer. When you do it in your Bowlus luxury travel trailer, you’ll be able to experience the best that nature has to offer before coming back to the best the industry has to offer. Taking the stress of finding a hotel room or camping around hundreds of other people off the table allows you to relax and enjoy any adventure your heart desires, and make it as off-grid as you’d like.