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How To Plan Your Next Road Trip: Where To Go And How To Get There

How To Plan Your Next Road Trip: Where To Go And How To Get There

It’s time for your next big adventure! If you’re ready to plan a road trip, whether that’s close to home or across the country, the team at Bowlus is here to help. While you already know that you’ll be taking one of our luxurious, easy-to-drive, and comfortable trailers, you may not have a destination in mind yet. 


We’d love to help you decide where to go and the best way to get there. That’s why we compiled a few travel tips on planning your next road trip so that you can hit the open road and remove the worry!


Decide On A Time Frame

Unless you have a specific destination in mind, the first step to planning the best road trip is choosing a time frame. If you just want to get away for the weekend, your planning will look different than if you have a few weeks free. Once you’ve decided how long you plan to be on the road, you can more realistically choose a destination.


Road trips don’t have to be long to be enjoyable. It’s the time spent on the road, with people who you love, making memories that will last a lifetime, that really counts.


Think About Where You Want To Go

Now for the fun part… deciding where you want to go! What kind of sightseeing do you want to do?


One important factor to keep in mind when planning your road trip route is that driving often takes longer than you think it does. If you’re using a GPS, take what it says into account and add in an additional hour or two to your driving time. This will make sure you have enough time for stops, for food, for stretching, and for gas. Being realistic is important to make the trip stress-free.


It’s ok to not have a destination in mind, too! Some people find it fun to just head out in a general direction with no specific final destination planned. If you’re willing to play it by ear while you’re road tripping, you might end up in places you would have never thought to visit.


It’s The Journey… Not The Destination

While it’s exciting to think about where you plan to end up, it’s important to remember that it’s actually the journey that is where you make the real memories. Always remember that you don’t need to stick strictly to your trip itinerary, although it’s always good to have one. When doing your road trip planning, consider using a paper map instead of your GPS, Google maps, or Waze. That way, you can really visualize the trip and see exactly where you’ll pass through on your way to your final destination, and you have a backup if you end up somewhere without WiFi.


You may also want to check out any events that are going on during your trip. Discovering local festivals and events that you would likely never have heard about otherwise are memories that you and your travel partners will keep for years to come. These last-minute stops are one of the best ways to learn about the many traditions and cultures that exist all across this amazing country.


Don’t plan your road trip too strictly, for exactly this reason. You’ll want to make sure to leave plenty of room to explore everything that you want to explore, as well as to find those little hidden gems and points of interest that make road trips so much fun.


Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Before heading out on your adventure, make sure to have your vehicle serviced. You don’t want to be caught unprepared out on the road by an unexpected auto emergency. Get a routine oil change, tire rotation, and maintenance exam to verify everything is in working order and to fix any potential problems before they can start.


It might be smart to have an emergency kit on hand as well, that includes any road trip essentials that you might need in case of an emergency. Consider packing snacks as well as car essentials, like jumper cables.


You’ll also want to make sure to level your travel trailer before you leave as well.


Great Road Trip Destinations

If you’re still unsure of where you want to take your Bowlus Endless Highways travel trailer, here are a few suggestions for what we think are some of the great road trip destinations in the US.


Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

If you’ve never visited Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland, it should definitely be on your list. The island is a camping destination full of swimming, surfing, biking, kayaking, crabbing, and paddle-boarding, but that isn’t what it’s known for the most.


While its name means “swiftly moving water,” Assateague is famous for its wild horses that were said to have arrived at the island after swimming over after a shipwreck. Around 300 of them, known as the Chincoteague wild ponies, freely roam the island. The annual Pony Swim event, which happens every July, has been held for nearly 100 years.


Big Sur Coast Highway, California

Big Sur Coastal Highway is considered to be one of the most scenic drives in the country and it is beloved by roadtrippers. It consists of about 70 miles of California highway, full of ocean views, seaside cliffs, redwood forests, and recreational opportunities.


There are multiple places to stop and set up a trailer, as well. Pfeiffer Big Sur Campgrounds, near Pfeiffer Beach, and Riverside Campground, surrounded by 16 acres of redwood trees along the Big Sur River, are popular options. Just make sure to verify that the campsite can fit your trailer, as some have size restrictions.


Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Yellowstone National Park, located in Montana, is one of the absolutely essential destinations for any traveler. It was actually the first national park in the country, established in 1872.

While Yellowstone is known mostly for its hot springs and geysers, like the famous Old Faithful, there are plenty of other adventure opportunities to discover over the national park’s 3,400 square miles. While visiting, there are over 1,000 miles of hiking trails as well as horseback riding, biking, wildlife viewing, swimming, boating, and guided tours.


Denali National Park, Alaska

With over six million acres of land, Denali National Park in Alaska may be out of the way, but it’s well worth the trip.


In addition to seeing the highest mountain in the United States, Mount McKinley, Denali is known for its breathtaking views and exciting adventure opportunities. You can hike, kayak, raft, or bike, which many parks are known for. But what sets Denali apart is its unique activities, like dog sledding and “flightseeing (by either airplane or helicopter).”


Route 66

Route 66 stretches cross-country, from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. With more than 2,500 miles, traveling on Route 66 can be a different adventure every time you take it.


Many people say that the “best” stretch of Route 66, which is the part filled with the most Americana and history, is between New Mexico and Arizona, but the entire route has plenty to offer. It’s a fun, living piece of the history of this country. It takes around a full week to travel the entire length, but you should still set aside at least a few days if you plan to travel any part of it.


In Conclusion

Your next perfect road trip awaits. With our ultimate guide, you’ll be able to plan the adventure of your dreams and help guarantee that the trip goes as smoothly as possible. You plan the trip, and your Bowlus travel trailer will take care of the rest, with our off-grid ready batteries, heated floors, and all the creature comforts that you could ask for. Get out there and experience nature without having to give up any of the luxury that you love. 


Make sure that you share pictures of your Bowlus travel trailer on the road, in action. We’d love to see them! Road trips are an American tradition that will never go out of style.