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The Complete List For Activities While Camping

The Complete List For Activities While Camping

Everyone camps differently. For some people, camping involves sitting by the fire and just enjoying each other’s company. For others, a camping trip wouldn’t be complete without spending the whole day out finding adventures. 


If you’re looking to break out of your usual mold and discover activities that you can do on your next trip, we’ve come up with a list of some fun, interesting things that you can try when you’re out traversing the country in your Bowlus travel trailer. Who knows, you might find something new!




If you regularly stay at a campground, you’ve likely seen a horseshoe pit. Next time, instead of walking by it, try your hand at playing a round! The rules are simple, and you can play solo or with up to four people. The goal is to throw (or “pitch”) the horseshoe at the stake in the ground. Points are awarded for landing the horseshoe around the stake (3 points) or near the stake (1 point). 

Arcade Games


Many luxury RV park clubhouses have arcade games in them, but they don’t get as much love as they should. So many of the classic games are still just as fun as they’ve always been, and playing a game you enjoyed when you were a child gives you a warm sense of nostalgia. 


See if you can remember how to play Pacman, Donkey Kong, or any of the other arcade games offered. All it’ll cost is a few quarters, and you may even get your name on the high score list!


Sand Castle Building


If you’re camping near a beach, don’t let the opportunity to build a sandcastle pass you by. It’s probably been a long time since you’ve made one, and it makes for a fun, creative afternoon project with the whole family. 


Make them as big and detailed as you want, letting your imagination guide you. Then, once you’re finished, you can enjoy stomping it back down.




One of the newer technology-based camping activities, geocaching is like a digital treasure hunt. Just download the app from the official website, use it to navigate to the set point, and sign the logbook once you’ve found the cache. 


Some people even choose to leave behind little treasures of their own for the next people who find it. While there are no real prizes involved with geocaching, the feeling when you finally see the cache is its own reward. 


Board And Card Games


The weather doesn’t always cooperate when you’re out on a camping trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Bring a few board or card games from home, just in case, or borrow some from the clubhouse if you’re staying at a campground. 


You’ll have plenty of space in your travel trailer, especially if you’re staying in one of our Endless Highways Edition campers, so just enjoy the time spent with your loved ones inside and forget all about the rain. 


We prefer games with fewer small parts that can get lost, so games like Uno, Go Fish, Pictionary, Clue, or traditional card games like Slap Jack and Solitaire are perfect.


Cloud Watching


How long has it been since you just looked up at the clouds? Mindfulness of the world around you is a major part of any camping trip, and what is more relaxing than just lying on your back in the calm, peaceful quiet? 


Take some time with your travel partners (this is an especially fun activity for people traveling with children), throw down a blanket, and just try to identify as many shapes as you can. 


Scary Stories Around The Campfire


With so much focus on technology, we don’t get the opportunity to use our imaginations nearly as much as we should. That’s most of the fun of sitting around the campfire at night: telling scary stories. 


You can trade off sharing a single story, having the person next to you pick up where you left off, or tell one of your own. Telling a story from memory, or making one up in the moment, allows you to flex those creative muscles that don’t get much attention during your day to day life. 


Just make sure to try to keep it age-appropriate if there are young children nearby!




Hiking is one of those classic camping activities that everyone should participate in on a camping trip. It’s a great way to see all the beauty that nature has to offer in the place you’ve chosen to stay while being present in the moment. 


Hiking doesn’t have to be a long, difficult trek up a mountain. Many areas have basic or walking trails, and some even offer guided hikes or sheets with plants and animals to identify while you’re hiking. It gives you a greater appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds you, and it’s great exercise for both your heart and your muscles as well! And when you’re through, you can come back and relax in comfort in your Bowlus travel trailer.




You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy kayaking! Many campgrounds offer kayak rentals by the hour or by the day. Simply put on your lifejacket, grab a paddle, and get out onto the lake and explore.


Keep in mind that kayaking can be physically exhausting, as it takes plenty of upper arm strength to propel the kayak. Don’t get out too far in the middle of the lake before realizing how tired you are, as you will eventually have to head back in. 


Horseback Riding


If you’re staying at or near a campground that offers horseback or trail riding, don’t pass up the opportunity! Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, trail riding makes it foolproof. You’ll get the experience of the scenery from the back of a horse, which is how many of our ancestors experienced it for centuries. It’s a great memory maker with your family, as well.


Scavenger Hunt


If you’re traveling with small children, arranging a scavenger hunt is a fun way to get everyone out of the camper and into nature! You can plan your own if you know the plants and animals you’re likely to encounter, or there are downloadable pages you can print off before you go. 


Trees, animals, plants, leaves, and rocks all make great items to include on a scavenger hunt, but feel free to make it as creative and unique as you want!


Mad Libs


Although these books have been around for years, they don’t seem to be getting any less funny! Pulling out a book of Mad Libs with your friends and family, whether you’re sitting inside your Bowlus or outside around the campfire, is almost guaranteed to make everyone laugh. 


The best part is that you can make it as adult or family friendly as you want with the same hilarious results.


Star Gazing


Part of the beauty of camping is being able to see the stars unobscured by the light pollution of most major cities. Once the fire is out, lay on your back and just look up. 


See if you can find any of the more recognizable constellations, like The Big Dipper or Ursa Major. There are apps that you can use if you really want to identify them, but the enjoyment will really come from just having that quiet time to relax and just look at the stars.


Make Gourmet S’mores


While there is nothing wrong with the classic s’mores recipe— a piece of chocolate and an appropriately charred marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers— consider an upgrade on your next camping trip.


Use different flavored graham crackers (chocolate and cinnamon are delicious, in our opinion) or even substitute them entirely for other tasty options like shortbread cookies, pretzel crisps, or even brownie thins. 


You can also mix up what you sandwich in the middle, adding anything from peanut butter cups to Nutella and even bacon! Chocolate bars filled with caramel are also a good swap. Your imagination is the only limitation. 


For extra fun, consider having an entire s’mores bar set up so that everyone can choose their own s’mores adventure.


Camping Bingo


Similar to scavenger hunts, camping bingo is a fun way to play throughout the entire trip!


Either make or purchase bingo cards and hand one out to everyone at the start of the trip. It’s best to use cards that can either be erased and used again or recycled, as there isn’t a good way to use markers that will slip off the card without leading to frustration. 


Have a small prize for whoever calls “bingo” the fastest! Common things to include on a camping bingo card include campfires, fish, animal prints, and s’mores, but feel free to add your own twist.


In Summary…


Camping, whether you’re going it alone or bringing loved ones with you, doesn’t have to always include the same activities that you’ve always done. Mix it up by trying something new the next time you camp. 


Your Bowlus trailer gives you all the amenities you need for comfort, but what you decide to do on your trip is up to you. You might find a new tradition, and we’d be honored to have even a small part in any adventures you’ve chosen to have in a Bowlus travel trailer.