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How Luxury Travel Trailers Redefine ‘Glamping’

How Luxury Travel Trailers Redefine ‘Glamping’

Any way that you get out on the road and into nature is great. Camping and glamping have been proven to help reduce stress and improve your relationships, as well as just being a fun, exciting new adventure every time. 


However, if you’re a new camper, or if you’re just the type of person who enjoys the finer things in life, the team here at Bowlus believes that you can still experience the great outdoors while living in luxury. If you’re not convinced, here is a list of the reasons why we think that nature and luxury don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


To Start… How Is Using A Travel Trailer Different?


Some people assume that using an RV or travel trailer while you’re exploring doesn’t count as “real” camping. We don’t believe in judgment, and any time that you are able get out and enjoy nature is great. Bringing an RV allows you more flexibility in how long you camp for, working remotely, weather conditions, and exploring a range of destinations. 


Your experience in your Bowlus can be as luxurious or as nature-centric as you’d like. Some people prefer to stay at a luxury RV resort with a full line of services and amenities, while others like to take their camper out into the woods (often known as “boondocking”) and enjoy their luxury camping experience in solitude.


Your Bowlus is whatever you want it to be.


What Makes Travel Trailers So Great?


There are so many reasons to enjoy the outdoors and even more reasons to do it in comfort. Let’s look at a few factors that people cite as reasons why they like to use their travel trailers in the first place.


Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements


For a lot of people, one of the most important factors that make it a real Bowlus experience is a roomy, comfortable sleeping arrangement. We believe this good sleep starts with a good quality mattress, which is exactly what Bowlus provides. Our sectioned-off master bedroom features a king-size bed that can easily convert into two twin-size beds if you’re traveling with a buddy instead of a partner. 


As opposed to people who like to camp in sleeping bags on the ground, having a luxury RV that has its own bedroom makes for a much more restful camping trip. Memory foam is particularly good at helping support the back while sleeping and can also keep you from getting too hot or too cold at night, which is why our beds feature a memory foam top layer. 


Your Bowlus will also provide you with flexibility when it comes to temperature comfort, no matter the destination. Some people also will only camp with temperature control, so the bedroom should have both heat and air conditioning to make it a comfortable sleeping experience. 


Roomy bedrooms are also a nice way to add to any camping experience. Being able to stretch out on the bed and relax after a long day of hiking or other outdoor activities is one of the best ways to unwind. Our master bedroom allows you to stretch all the way out, so you never have to worry being cramped like you would be in a tent.


Roomy, Gourmet Kitchens


For other people, the part that they miss the most when they camp is being able to eat gourmet food that they cook themselves. That’s another reason we believe camping with a travel trailer is the best way to travel. If you choose the right luxury RV, you can bring your kitchen along with you even while you’re on the road! 


The Bowlus comes with a kitchen that is capable of creating all of the same meals that you make in your own home. You get a microwave and an Italian two-burner stovetop for all your gourmet cooking needs. There is plenty of room for other appliances, too, like blenders and Instant Pots. 


Luxury RVs like the Bowlus also come with plenty of cabinet space to stock the kitchen with all of the foods you love to eat, and a refrigerator and freezer for perishable goods. We even provided additional outlets outside if you’d rather do your cooking under the stars. 


Access To Showers Even In The Middle Of Nowhere


Another reason that using a travel trailer is so great is that it allows you to have access to a hot shower even when you’re boondocking in remote areas. 


When you head out on a regular camping trip, especially for more than a few days, you spend that time either in your tent or outside around a campfire. While this is the idea of heaven for some people, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for being able to take a hot shower or really even bathe at all.


With Bowlus luxury RVs, that all changes. Our Endless Highways edition was made for going off the grid and was designed for both comfort and efficiency, with large, private, hotel-style bathrooms complete with plenty of wardrobe space. We even designed them to provide campers with continuous hot water so that they can enjoy their hot showers without having to worry about the hot water running out.


After a long day of hiking, and before climbing into your comfortable bed, getting to have a hot shower to rinse off the day is one of the most relaxing feelings on earth.


Travel Trailers Make Adventure Easy


When you decide to head out on the road under ordinary circumstances, you have to worry about reserving a hotel room, dining out for every meal, etc. With a luxury RV, you don’t have to worry about any of that… it’s all right there in front of you! 


That doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to eat out, of course. Another fun part of heading out in your Bowlus is discovering the luxury that exists all around you. Check out local restaurants, which helps support the communities you’re traveling through while also allowing you to uphold your usual standard of living. 


If you plan to visit the same resort regularly, some even allow you to purchase your slot permanently. That way, you always know there’s a spot reserved for you.


What Is A Luxury RV Resort?


If staying at a resort is more your speed, luxury RV resorts are the perfect blend between a hotel and a camping experience. These resorts are located all over the country and vary between fairly bare-bones to incredibly luxurious. 


However, in most cases, luxury RV resorts have a few of the same features. Normally, these resorts have some sort of clubhouse for campers to go not only to meet other people but also to book adventures, play games, and just generally enjoy a little time out of the RV. Many clubhouses also have bathroom and shower facilities if you’re interested in showering outside of your RV.


Luxury RV resorts also have swimming pools, spas, and sometimes golf courses. They allow you to enjoy adventures both on and off the resort while also being able to refill your propane and gas up before you leave to head back home. While this is an entirely different experience than heading out into the middle of nowhere, for people who enjoy a more social community of campers, luxury RV resorts are a great option.


Why Camping Is Great For You


Being outside in nature has proven benefits for both your mental and physical health. With research showing that being around technology too much can lead to increased anxiety and trouble with a sleep schedule, unplugging and escaping into nature helps counteract that. 


Being in nature can also help remind us what it’s like to be in awe of the world. That childlike sense of awe and wonder is something that doesn’t have to stop when you become an “adult.” Continuing to have that feeling and being able to go out and find those experiences helps to promote creativity and makes us happier overall. Nature is amazing, and we often forget that when we get wrapped up in how go-go-go the world has become. Slowing down your life a little is always a good idea.  


Physically, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are great for your cardiovascular strength and health. Just an hour of those kinds of activities has the potential to burn up to 500 calories. After a trip into nature, you’ll feel refreshed in both body and spirit.


In Summary…


Here at Bowlus, we’ve based our entire business on helping people explore and adventure the way they always dreamed of. Whether that means taking your travel trailer to a luxury RV park, which we believe is one of the best ways to camp, or boondocking out in the middle of nowhere, any time you are able to unplug and disconnect is beneficial to both your mental and physical health. Either way, a Bowlus travel trailer can take you there. Adventure is simply good for the soul.