3 Outdoor Activities While You’re Exploring The US

3 Outdoor Activities While You’re Exploring The US

Being outdoors is good for both the body and the spirit. As you explore the United States in your Bowlus, there are many outdoor activities that you can and should take the time to try. While your luxury travel trailer can help you experience things you may not have had the freedom to try before, it’s up to you to make the experience unique. 

Here is a bucket list of four of the best outdoor activities that you can cross off, each of which provides you the opportunity to see the country in a new way.

#1. Hike The Grand Canyon

There is no outdoor activity as spectacular as hiking the Grand Canyon, because there is no national landmark in the entire country quite like it. 

The Grand Canyon encompasses an impressive two billion years of geologic history, with huge cliffs, spires, and buttes made with 40 different layers of built-up rock. As the Colorado River continues to carve through and create new geologic features through the Grand Canyon’s 277-mile span, you won’t want to just experience it from the viewing areas at the very top. While the views are incredible, it’s when you can get inside the canyon that you will see everything the Grand Canyon has to offer.

If you haven’t yet hiked the Grand Canyon, or if you’re new to hiking in general, a great place to start is the Bright Angel Trail. The trail is just under ten miles long each way, but don’t feel like you have to tackle the entire trail to get the experience. Even just a few miles on this ancient trail will lead you past sculpted sandstone. It is considered the safest trail in the park, and has plenty of shade as well as rest houses with water.

If you’re an experienced hiker and you’re looking for a challenge, the Nankoweap Trail is rated as the most difficult in the park. It is not a hike that should be taken by anyone new to the sport, as it is eleven miles on an unmarked trail that comes just mere inches from hundred-foot drops. You’ll need a permit to make the hike, and it has to be taken during specific assigned dates. 

No matter which trail you choose, or if you take a different route altogether, you have multiple campsites to choose from. While some of them require advance reservation, on both the north and the south rim, all are open to vehicles. It’s wise to try to book at least six months in advance, especially if you plan to stay at the north rim.

Regardless of where you stay, you’ll be thrilled to end your day in your Bowlus. After a long, hard day of hiking the trails of the Grand Canyon, there’s no better feeling in the world than being able to take a hot shower. We designed our luxury trailers for these adventures, with a continuous flow of hot water through the Italian marine shower head in the hotel-style shower. You’ll wonder why you ever traveled without one.

#2. Explore The Caves In Mammoth Cave National Park

Central Kentucky may not seem like it would be the place to be for exciting outdoor activities, but it offers an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. Just below the Green River valley sits the world’s largest known cave system. Although there are 400 miles of caves, only about ten miles of it are available for touring at Mammoth Cave National Park.

However, those ten miles are a wonder, with limestone caverns, gypsum formations, and dripping stalactites. There are multiple tours that you can take, some of which are self-guided, that range from beginner to advanced. You’ll be able to experience total darkness like you have never experienced before and appreciate the majesty of natural wonders that you can’t see aboveground.

The park is also home to over 80 miles of hiking trails above ground and water-based outdoor activities on both the Green and the Nolin Rivers. 

There are established campgrounds to choose from, which recommend advance reservations, as well as multiple opportunities for off-grid camping. We strongly urge experiencing Mammoth Cave National Park this way, which is where your Bowlus shines. Both editions of the Bowlus offer the most sophisticated power management system out there, which maximize both flexibility and reliability both on and off-grid. You can rest easy knowing you can spend a week off-grid while still being able to enjoy fully functional appliances, thanks to the industry’s largest lithium-iron phosphate battery. There is no better way to camp.

Whatever the weather, you can be comfortable at Mammoth Cave National Park in your Bowlus. Our heating system is whisper-quiet and fully programmable so you can be comfortable in all temperatures. There are dozens of settings, allowing you to run the AC when it’s cold or turn on our signature heated floors when you need to warm up a bit.

#3. Go Canyoneering Through Moab, Utah

Canyoneering is a full-contact outdoor activity, combining route-finding and problem-solving with rappelling, hiking, and swimming. It engages both your mind and your body, and there are very few places in the country with canyoneering quite like Moab, Utah. 

As you make your way through Moab, you’ll see carved sandstone slot canyons, water-filled pools, and ancient ruins. If you’re new to the sport, places like Red River Adventures make your experience safer and more manageable. They also offer packages that combine a canyoneering experience with rafting down the Colorado River. If you’re experienced, there are an endless amount of routes that you can take. You’ll never have to see the same scenery twice and will always be blown away by all of the incredible, natural beauty that exists there.

There are plenty of campgrounds where you can park your luxury travel trailer while you’re visiting the area, from luxury RV resorts like The Portal to off-grid campsites. You can arrange your trip so that you have the adventure you’re looking for.

Before you head out on your canyoneering adventure, make sure that you start off with a wholesome, hot meal. The Bowlus was designed so that you can cook your way even while you’re camping. The galley was designed with a two-burner Italian-style cooktop that runs on propane gas so that you can still make food that gives you all the nutrition you’ll need to tackle a strenuous day outdoors. You’ll be able to head out knowing you are prepared to tackle everything nature has to throw at you, without worrying about whether or not you can get a campfire lit.

Plus, the spacious storage provided by your Bowlus means that you can bring all the equipment you need without worrying about losing living space. Yours & mine closets, ample kitchen cabinetry, and plenty of storage space mean that you’ll have everything you need for your latest adventure. 

In Summary…

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, this country is packed full of unique opportunities. While you should cross each of these off your bucket list, part of the fun of traveling in your Bowlus is the ability to discover places you’ve never seen before. You’ll be confident knowing that you will have a comfortable bed, warm meal, and hot shower at the end of every day, even if you’re camping off-grid. It’s a no brainer.