Ideas for Your Weekend Getaway in Ohio

Ideas for Your Weekend Getaway in Ohio

Instead of spending another weekend at home, stuck in the house, hop in your Bowlus and head out on a weekend getaway in Ohio. There are beautiful state parks available right in your backyard, allowing for a unique, outdoor experience that gets you out of your routine and back into nature. 

With how busy our lives can be, taking this time can be great for your mental and physical health alike. And, when you head out in your luxury travel trailer, you’ll still be able to bring all the comforts of home with you.

Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio

The first weekend getaway on the list is Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio. There are six areas of the state park, full of towering cliffs, deep hemlock-shaded gorges, and waterfalls. The natural beauty is almost overwhelming and is the result of millions of years of stream erosion, uplift, and Blackhand sandstone bedrock deposits. 

The state park is home to 24 miles of hiking trails. Although they are beautiful, they can also be potentially dangerous, so children that may be accompanying you will need to be supervised. Check out the Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, and Grandma Gatewood trails, which vary from moderate to challenging in their difficulty level. For a shorter hike, try Ash Cave. 

There are also plenty of different caves to visit while you’re in the state park. The park has attracted tourists for its caves alone since 1870, and that history is just as fascinating as the actual caves themselves. For instance, one of the caves known as Old Man’s Cave was actually named for a hermit that lived in the cave in the 1700s.

In addition to hiking and checking out the caves, campers can also enjoy archery, boating, fishing, hunting, and mountain biking. You’ll want to spend your entire day outdoors, and you can do so without getting bored. 

At the end of the day, head back to your Bowlus luxury travel trailer. Hocking Hills State Park is known for its primitive campsites, which can be reserved six months ahead of time. After spending a day out in nature, enjoy a hot shower in your large, hotel-style shower. You’ll be able to rinse the remains of the day off you with the Italian-made marine showerhead so that you can fall asleep clean and comfortable in the travel trailer’s king-sized bed. You’ll wake up feeling well-rested and ready to enjoy a whole new day of outdoor experiences. 

Maumee Bay State Park

If you’d rather spend your weekend getaway on the water, look no further than Maumee Bay State Park. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Maumee Bay is perfect for those who enjoy swimming, boating, and all the beauty of the wet woods and lush marshes that the park is composed of. Birders, in particular, will be excited to know that there are 300 different species that call the park home!

There are also several miles of hiking trails to explore, some of which offer unique opportunities like an interactive hiking boardwalk with two miles of ADA accessible fun. Make sure to check out the butterfly gazebo, located near the nature center, while you’re taking a break from the water-related activities that the park has to offer. However, don’t stay on land for too long. It’s the lake activities on Lake Erie that make Maumee Bay State Park really shine.

Whether you are adventuring by land or by lake, there is a single campground on site where you can park your luxury travel trailer when night falls. The Maumee Bay State Park Campground is RV friendly and has both full-hookups and electrical-only sites available. Reservations are strongly urged, as sites can book up fast depending on the time of year that you’re visiting.

Luckily, even if you’re sharing a campground with other people, your luxury travel trailer will keep your experience as private as you want. While the windows can be open when you want them to be, they can also be closed with both drapes and wood covers if you prefer a little more privacy as you sleep. You can also cook an entire meal indoors on the two-burner cooktop without relying on a campfire so that you can spend your entire evening inside, undisturbed. It’s the ultimate in both comfort and privacy, which sets it apart from so many other RVs.   


Although not a national park, Granville, Ohio (and its surrounding area) is perfect for any weekend getaway. 

The village of Granville is unique, offering a quaint, New England experience in a Midwestern state. It is well worth spending a day wandering around and enjoying the distinctive architecture, friendly people, and interesting local shops.

Just outside of the village is the Infirmary Mound Trail. This 4.2-mile loop trail is rated moderate in difficulty and comes with a variety of activity options along the way. Pets and horses are welcome, as the trail was designed to be wide and accommodating. Closeby is the unique Fairy Trail, designed specifically for children with 30 different fairy houses and businesses to explore. 

When you’re ready to turn in for the night, check out the nearby Lazy River at Granville Funground. This highly-rated park may seem like it would be busy, but it’s known for being not only scenic but also quiet and serene. There is plenty to do, like pedal carts, a dog park, and a basketball court, and there are also many different campsites where you can park your Bowlus and enjoy a quiet evening in.  

While the Lazy River at Granville Funground offers Wi-Fi access for a fee, you’ll be able to travel with the added reliability of knowing you’ll never have to pay for your internet access. Every Bowlus comes complete with its own private Wi-Fi network, cell enabled router, and cellular booster so that you can keep your data safe without having to rely on an external, often pay-per-use, internet network. 

Mohican State Park

Mohican State Park offers the best in both land and water. With thousands of wooded acres to explore, there are several hiking trails to check out. From the easy three-quarter-mile hike on the Pleasant Hill Trail to the difficult Hemlock Gorge Trail, you can enjoy a relaxing weekend or push yourself, depending on what you’re looking for. 

The state park was originally a hunting ground for the local Delaware Native Americans. After English settlers arrived, it was even visited by Johnny Appleseed. It lies in the midst of the Mohican-Memorial State Forest, which is full of animal and plant diversity. Look for the rare walking fern and even bald eagles at certain times of the year!

If you’re looking for even more excitement, the state park is also home to the Tree Frog Canopy Tour zipline. With ziplines up to 120 feet in the air and spanning 1,100 feet, you have the potential to reach speeds up to 52 miles per hour. They also host the highest repels in the state of Ohio, at 50 and 60 feet, and two skybridges. Although it’s fun to get out and enjoy nature, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping is perfect for a weekend getaway.

The Mohican State Park Campground has multiple sites available for luxury travel trailers to stay overnight, some with hookups and others without. Reservations are required. There are also a variety of different primitive sites available.

If the weather happens to be chilly, your Bowlus is up to the challenge. The silent Swedish heater will keep you nice and toasty, whether you need to run it on propane or electricity. Oh, and did we mention the heated floors? 

In Conclusion…

You don’t have to go far to have a fun weekend getaway in Ohio. The state is full of parks and other natural wonders to explore, with jaw-dropping scenic views and untamed beauty. Your getaway will get even better when you do it in a Bowlus. Days out in nature followed by nights in your own private luxury travel trailer means your trip can happen whenever and wherever you want without fear of finding a hotel room or cabin. The flexibility the Bowlus provides, combined with their unparalleled luxury and performance, is why so many have joined the Bowlus family.