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Which Travel Trailers Are The Best Quality?

Which Travel Trailers Are The Best Quality?

Buying a travel trailer can be a life-changing experience. The freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want without the added pressure and expense of having to worry about finding a hotel is unparalleled. At Bowlus, we believe that adventure is one of the most important parts of being alive. But which travel trailers are the best quality, and how can you decide on which one is right for you? We’re here to help simplify that process.


First, Consider Insurance and Financing


Instead of going into the process blind, start by taking a look at your finances. Do you plan on purchasing a travel trailer outright, or are you intending on making monthly payments? 


You’ll also need to consider whether or not you want to purchase RV insurance, which is not always required depending on the state you live in.


It can help to also talk to a bank, especially if you’re planning to finance your new travel trailer. They can help you better judge financing options or potential loans to help cover the cost if you don’t want to put down all the money at once. Either way, you can walk into the purchasing process with a solid idea of what you’re comfortable with spending. 


A Bowlus travel trailer is meant to be passed down to the next generation, because the build quality is just that good. In the end, camping with a travel trailer is full of benefits and well worth the money you decide to spend on one, because you know it’s going to last for a long time. 


How Do You Plan On Towing Your Travel Trailer?


Another important factor in purchasing the best travel trailer for your specific needs is to look at the vehicle that you intend to use to tow it. 


Your vehicle’s owner’s manual is a great resource to quickly and accurately find this information. It will likely tell you specifically how much weight it can safely tow, and paying attention to that maximum weight is especially important. Towing over that weight is nearly guaranteed to harm both your vehicle and the travel trailer and can even be dangerous in certain circumstances. 


Luckily, a Bowlus travel trailer has the ability to be towed by almost anything due to its lightweight, quality build. You can use all kinds of tow vehicles, even SUVs, and you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in the snow, because our lightweight design can handle anything.


The towing capacity of your vehicle also needs to take into account the travel trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight as well for safety. You’ll want to find this information out before purchasing to avoid potential issues like broken suspension components, issues with safe braking, overheated transmissions, and tire blowouts. 


If you’re unsure, contact a mechanic. They’ll be able to give you more specific advice and recommendations for how many pounds you can safely tow and how to best do it. 


How Do You Intend To Use Your Travel Trailer?


This is another essential question to ask before really looking into specifics. 


Think about the road trips you’d like to have in your new travel trailer. Are you planning on only going short distances? Would you like to use it to drive across the country? Will you likely be going on solo adventures, or are you planning on having friends, family, or pets with you? All of these questions can help guide you to the amenities you’ll likely need and the size of the travel trailer that you should be aiming for.


This also will help you make a decision on what size you’ll need your travel trailer to be. Some adventurers choose based on square footage, while others considered how many people it can sleep. There’s no wrong answer as long as you’re clear about what it is you’re looking for.


Let’s Talk Amenities


Travel trailers come with a huge variety of different available amenities, from bare-bones to downright luxurious. Having an idea of what your dealbreakers are can help you get exactly the travel trailer that you want without missing any of the features you need.


In reality, there is likely a travel trailer that comes with exactly the amenities you’re looking for. 


Common amenities people look for in a travel trailer include the size of the kitchen and the appliances it comes with, what type of bathroom and sewage system it has, how much mobile signal and WiFi you can get while traveling, how many people it can comfortably sleep, storage, and how many outlets it has. 


Because Bowlus creates the world’s most advanced travel trailer, you know that you’re getting all the amenities that you need and more. With a high quality wifi router with the flexibility to accept a SIM card from any carrier and a cellular signal boosterwifi amplifier, you never have to worry about being out of communication, even if you’re off the grid. 


Our bathrooms feature huge showers, as well as full length mirrors and closets so you can still look and feel your best, and our lithium iron phosphate batteries ensure that you can be off the grid for a week while still using your appliances like a microwave. 


It’s best to write all of the amenities you want down and rank them according to importance. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a travel trailer like Bowlus that has everything that you want. If not, you’ll at least be able to know where you can cut back to still stay within budget. 


Questions To Ask Yourself


To break it down, here is a list of the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a travel trailer. If you’re making a joint purchase with someone else, this list will help you know what you need to talk about, in addition to the finances. 


How Long Will Your Adventures Last?


A long weekend? A week? An extended trip? Full-time living? Using it as a mobile office or guest room?


With your Bowlus travel trailer, you can stay off-grid for a week without being connected to a power supply— our lithium batteries ensure that you not only have full power but that you also can use all of your amenities, even the air conditioning and the heated floors. When you’re looking for a travel trailer that can take you from a quick visit to family to a week-long excursion off the map, Bowlus is the choice for you. 

What Type of Experience Are You Most Excited For?


National and state parks, forests, and monuments? Off-grid camping? A campground with luxury amenities? Special experiences like visiting local wineries? Concerts, festivals, or retreats? Winter camping? Visiting friends and family?


How Much Time Do You Intend To Spend “Off-Grid?”


A long weekend? Months?


What Are Necessities For Your Experience?


Spacious floor plans? Heated floors? En suite bathrooms? A full, working kitchen? Cellular boosters?


What Activities Do You Prefer the Most?


Relaxing with a good book or photography? Golfing, fishing, and hiking? Exploring local museums and wineries? Off-grid camping? Epic adventures? Entertaining guests? 


How Many People Will You Regularly Travel With?


Are you going solo? One to two others? Three to four? Five or more?


Will You Be Traveling With Pets?


If so, how many?


The Best Travel Trailer


We may be biased, but we believe the Bowlus Endless Highway Performance Edition is the best travel trailer out there.


It starts with attention to detail. Not only is the exterior of the travel trailer visually stunning, it also features huge skylights designed to let as much natural light in as possible (along with wood covers if you prefer to keep it darker). 


The power system on the Endless Highway Performance Edition was designed to allow for effortless off-grid adventures, allowing for up to two weeks of camping with fully operational appliances without any power required. The system charges fully in under four hours, and even the air conditioning can run off of battery power for up to two nights. 


In addition, the entire travel trailer’s power management system is connected by Bluetooth, which means that it can be controlled and customized with a simple smartphone app. You will literally hold power in your hands. You won’t have to worry about your power consumption ever again.


The interior of the trailer is just as impressive. In addition to an incredibly spacious amount of storage space, our travel trailer also comes with a fully operational kitchen, complete with a two-burner Italian cooktop, a fridge/freezer, microwave, and it’s even outdoor kitchen ready, should you want to take your cooking outside. The bathroom is nearly indistinguishable from most hotels, with amenities you would never expect to get in a travel trailer. 


Even though you’ll be on an adventure, you may not want to leave the bedroom! With a memory foam mattress, eco linen sheets, and both heating and cooling that is customizable to your preferences, you’ve likely never had a camping experience this comfortable.


Plus, it’s just beautiful. From the customizable interiors to the heated floors and designer drapes, you’ll have exactly the adventure experience you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, you can bring other people along for the ride, as the Endless Highway Performance Edition can sleep up to four comfortably. There is no detail that was too small to pay attention to, which results in a high-quality camping experience you won’t have anywhere else.


To Finish Up…


Choosing a travel trailer can feel a bit overwhelming unless you know what to look for. Setting a budget, getting the amenities that you want, and making sure that your vehicle can safely tow it are just a few of the considerations that anyone considering a purchase of this size should take into account. While we’re partial to the Bowlus Endless Highway Performance Edition, our ultimate goal is for you to be able to get out there and have the adventure you want. Adventure is at the heart of the human experience, and everyone deserves that type of freedom.