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It’s my job to travel.

It’s my job to travel.

It’s my job to travel. As a photographer, I’ve worked in over 140 countries and all 50 states, so I’ve spent a good portion of my life in airports, on planes, and in hotels. As a result, when I’m not on assignment, my wife Lisa and I consider it the ultimate luxury to navigate the world by car, while pulling our mobile home. We travel slowly, meeting incredible people along the way, while savoring everything around us.

We’ve owned a couple Airstreams in the past, which were wonderful, except for the fact they were perpetually in the shop, getting repaired. After a few years of this, someone suggested that we check out The Bowlus, and immediately ordered one.

We’re thrilled that we did, as our “Mobile Cottage”, as we call it, has revolutionized the way we explore. Because of its monocoque design, it weighs less than half of one of our old trailers, so we pull it with our car, instead of a pick-up truck. We’re delighted with the artistry of its design, as well as the high level of craftsmanship in its construction. It’s gorgeous.

We feel nimble and light, and the freedom that comes with a solar panel and cassette toilet cannot be underestimated. From needing full hook-ups in cramped RV parks, we now feel free to camp comfortably in National Parks for weeks of untethered endless hiking, skiing, and adventuring. We love it.

This past fall, our trailer proved its mettle, as it survived the Woolsey Fire in Malibu. I was working down the coast that fateful day, so I couldn’t get back in time to pull it to safety, as the fire was raging at a clip of a football field per second. For ten long days we agonized, fearing the worst. We thought that we’d lost our beautiful trailer and everything in it. Finally, when I was able to get through the police blockade, I rushed to where I’d parked it, and found it completely unscathed, gleaming in the California sunshine amidst the debris. Everything around it was burnt to a crisp, including a brand new Chevy pick-up, a Harley Davidson, a huge backhoe, as well other trailers. I can’t explain our luck, except that perhaps the burning embers just bounced harmlessly off of the aircraft grade aluminum. Whatever it was that saved our Bowlus from certain destruction, we now call it our miracle trailer. Long live “The Mobile Cottage!”.