All Around Far Superior Luxury RV | Bowlus

All Around Far Superior Luxury RV – Bowlus®

All Around Far Superior Luxury RV – Bowlus®

On the inside, the Bowlus is more compact than our Airstream but more efficiently laid out and more comfortable. It has a lounge area that is very comfortable. In contrast, we were never able to get comfortable in our Airstream’s seats, and it lacked a lounge area. The Bowlus has a cassette toilet that is, in my opinion, preferable to the “stinky slinky” of the Airstream. The fresh water tank and the grey water tank capacity is less than the Airstream but we have been able to manage without any difficulty. The refrigerator is a little smaller than the one in the Airstream but is vastly superior in terms of performance. The cook top also performs better than the one we had in the Airstream. The Bowlus heating system is wonderful – quiet and efficient. It heats the water and the floors – having a heated floor is truly wonderful on a cold morning! The built-in AC system is quiet and very efficient.

The build quality of the Bowlus is truly amazing and vastly superior to the Airstream. It has a fully boxed aluminum frame and the outer skin is 2024 T3 alloy, the same used in modern aircraft fuselages and much more robust than the aluminum of the Airstream. The attention to detail and the quality of the components is much better than an Airstream.

This just scratches the surface of the differences between the Bowlus and a comparable Airstream. If I had to give an overview I would say that the lightweight of the Bowlus is the biggest differentiator aside from the superior quality. It’s hard to appreciate what a difference the lightweight makes until you’ve had a chance to tow one. Some Airstream owners might think that the more compact size of the Bowlus would make it a non-starter, but in fact we’ve found the Bowlus all around far superior.