AeroSolar™ : Another first from Bowlus

AeroSolar™ : Another first from Bowlus

The brand new 2023 Bowlus Volterra sports a number of industry firsts. It’s the first all-electric luxury travel trailer on the market. It’s the first travel trailer that is high-speed satellite internet-ready. And, it’s the first application of AeroSolar™ in the RV industry.

If you love being off-grid, we know you will love the freedom that the Volterra’s AeroSolar™ solar panels provide. These next-gen monocrystalline panels are made with PERC technology, which makes them 12% more efficient than conventional solar cells. Because they’re more efficient, they generate more electricity in a smaller footprint than traditional solar panels.

And here’s the best thing – the AeroSolar™ panels are passively charging at all times, so they’re generating power for you whether you’re at your campsite or driving down the road, no activation or setup needed!

Not only are the AeroSolar™ panels more powerful than conventional models, they’re also one-third the weight. One of the biggest selling points of a Bowlus RV is that it’s so lightweight it can be towed by a mid-size SUV or even an electric SUV like the Tesla Model X (with outstanding range). We weren’t willing to sacrifice either weight or power, so the lightweight, durable AeroSolar™ panels perfectly complement the Volterra.

Another key reason we selected AeroSolar™ panels for the all-electric Volterra is because they’re made for aerodynamic surfaces. The Streamline Moderne shape of every Bowlus is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. We simply couldn’t have big bulky solar panels on the roof. With the AeroSolar™, we mounted two curved powerful panels on the roof so they wouldn’t create any drag. You can even add up to two more optional solar panels on the Volterra.

To optimize efficiency in all conditions, the Volterra includes Bowlus’ computer-controlled power management system, which includes an ultra-fast MPPT solar controller. The MPPT is sized to support the two roof-mounted panels as well as two additional panels. It’s designed to optimize the match between the solar array and the battery, which is particularly useful if you’re camping in partially shaded conditions because it maximizes the efficiency of the entire system.

AeroSolar™ solar panels and Bowlus’ ultra-fast MPPT controller make the all-electric 2023 Volterra the perfect boondocking RV.