Architectural Digest & Forbes Feature

Architectural Digest & Forbes Feature

We are thrilled to share two fantastic Bowlus features.

Architectural Digest

It is truly fantastic to be recognized and included in Architectural Digest’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Design in Transport. As an authority on design, it means so much to us to be on this list among fantastic designs. Additionally, we are, of course, the only RV, so you’ll find us in the “Other” category with the personal submersible and the yacht.

Bowlus: Hawley Bowlus built the world’s first Streamline Moderne riveted aluminum trailers back in the mid-thirties—pre-Airstream. This revival of his name and designs results in a $225,000, battery-powered mobile dream lined in high-quality fabric, birch plywood, polished metal, and skylights—like a Swedish summer house on wheels” – Architectural Digest.


We were additionally thrilled for Forbes’ coverage of the Endless Highways Performance Edition to go live. 

“With travel restrictions still very much in place, many travelers have turned to camping and RVing as a way to appease that sense of wanderlust. Obviously, a lot of people had the same idea, and campgrounds are now crowded. So, finding an off-the-grid destination is becoming important to those seeking a true getaway. But that can mean less-than-desirable accommodations or select locations. That is until Bowlus released their latest luxury travel trailer with the capability of being battery-powered for up to two weeks.” – Forbes