Bowlus® Customers Love Our Virtual Tours

Bowlus® Customers Love Our Virtual Tours

At Bowlus, we’ve been providing virtual tours of our luxury travel trailers for a very long time. We started long before the pandemic because our customers absolutely love how the remote experience saves so much time while still giving them all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Nobody does a virtual tour like we do. Our fully interactive Virtual tours are customized based on your needs and requirements. They usually last around an hour, and during that time you’ll learn why we build the Bowlus the way we do. We’ll show you very specific examples to help you understand how Bowlus delivers more features and luxury than any other RV on the market. From the meticulously stitched sofa to the real birch wood walls and ceiling, by the time your virtual call is over, you’ll know just how much care and craftsmanship we put into each hand-crafted Bowlus trailer.

Here’s what our customers have to say about the Bowlus Virtual tour:

“I never thought I could spend a quarter of a million dollars on something I didn’t touch or feel beforehand, but the tour Bowlus did gave me the absolute confidence to make my purchase. And when my Bowlus arrived, it was even better than I expected.”

“I never realized the poor quality of product experience that you have in a RV dealership until I took the Bowlus Virtual tour. I really loved how the tour was customized to answer our questions and gave us an in-depth understanding of all features and experiences. Thank you Bowlus for making our purchasing decision a breeze.”

“I’m probably best described as a kick the tires type of guy and have always done that when I’ve bought an RV. Just like the world has changed, I’ve realized I need to change with it and the Bowlus Virtual tour far exceeded my ability to “kick the tires” remotely.”

If you’re ready to schedule your Bowlus Virtual tour, contact our sales team today.