Bowlus Gives Back – With a 20A Outlet to Recharge Your EV

Bowlus Gives Back – With a 20A Outlet to Recharge Your EV

One of the best things about Bowlus luxury travel trailers is that they’re so lightweight and aerodynamic that they can be towed with an electric SUV. We design them this way because it so perfectly aligns with our goals of living and RVing as sustainably as possible.

Now, with the introduction of the all-electric Bowlus Volterra, your RV adventures can be completely emissions free, ensuring that you leave as small of a footprint in the wilderness as possible. The combination of the Volterra’s 17 kWh battery, power management system, and AeroSolarTM solar panels mean you won’t have any propane emissions from your RV or emissions from a diesel generator.

Plus, you’ll be able to get to your campsite in your emissions-free vehicle. The Volterra’s GVWR is just 4,000 pounds, which is well within the towing capacity of many mid-size electric SUVs. And, because the Volterra is so lightweight and aerodynamic, you’ll still see really impressive ranges with your EV. A Tesla Model X, for example, can get up to 235 miles per charge while towing a Bowlus.

But we get it. Range anxiety is real – especially if you want to get really off the grid. That’s why the 2023 Volterra includes a 20 amp outlet in case your EV needs an emergency charge. With the increased battery capacity in the Volterra, that means your RV can give your EV a 40 mile boost to get you to the next charging station.

And just like that, goodbye range anxiety!