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Bowlus® is Built for Luxurious Off Grid Adventures

Bowlus® is Built for Luxurious Off Grid Adventures

Bowlus customers don’t want to be tied down to campsites and hookups, and that’s why each of our travel trailers are built to go off grid and off road. But what does it really mean to go off grid or off road? Let’s clear up some confusion about these terms. Off grid camping is done outside of established campgrounds and you don’t have hookups. You bring everything with you, including all the power you’ll need. Off road means you’re towing your RV on something other than a paved road. Bowlus is the only luxury travel trailer that can do both!

The Bowlus has high ground clearance, an aircraft grade aluminum shell, and top notch construction – making it the ultimate travel partner for Alaska or Newfoundland’s rough gravel roads. Very few RVs on the market today are built for extreme off-roading – like bouldering – and that’s the only kind of off-roading our customers don’t do with their Bowlus.

Every Bowlus is built to ensure your off grid adventures are also luxurious. While other manufacturers say you can camp off grid in their RVs, the reality is, it’s a bare bones experience. Not so with a Bowlus! Every Bowlus system is designed to be used off grid for extended periods of time. Our RVs come with a best-in-class lithium iron phosphate battery that can power your RV for up to two weeks – including the fridge and the microwave. The battery will even run the air conditioner for up to two overnights. Plus, every Bowlus is solar panel ready so you can recharge the batteries.

You’re always connected when you’re in a Bowlus. Each unit is equipped with a cellular booster and includes a WiFi router and an antenna pre-wired on the roof. Just connect up to two cellular networks and Bowlus battery power will allow you to keep in touch from anywhere.

We’ve also designed the other critical systems in our RVs to ensure a luxurious off grid camping experience. The heater, cooktop, heated floors, and the instant hot water system all run on propane from our built-in tank. When you’re off grid in a Bowlus, your feet won’t be cold and you don’t have to give up your luxurious hot shower!

We think that traveling off road to get to an amazing off-grid campsite is one of the great joys in life – and being able to boondock without sacrificing the creature comforts of home are what makes Bowlus an exceptional luxury RV.