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Land Travel In Every Season

Winter wanderlust can tickle the heart of any adventurer, especially when traveling with a Bowlus. Those of us who grew up with a love of all things snow know how an amazing weekend outdoors doing what you really love goes a long way to erasing those early mornings of shoveling or scraping the white stuff and makes for a real gratitude of what a change of seasons brings.

The exhilaration of spending time in nature when the weather is cold prompts many of us to consider extending our camping into November and beyond. When nature beckons you to your favorite slopes and trails in winter, should you bring your Bowlus? Yes! With planning and preparation, camping in your Bowlus can be part of every season of the year.

How is this possible? We take winter seriously and developed winter camping solutions with other designers like those in Sweden where they know winter, too. The silent Swedish compact heater has been allowing families across Europe to enjoy all-season camping for years. The heating system is installed in every Bowlus, allowing us to extend your camping season even after the leaves begin to fall. By setting the electronic thermostat to the right temperature, you can use the heater to keep your Bowlus cozy and warm. The hydronic heating system can be run on propane or electricity (15A or 30A power), so no matter your plans you’ll be toasty. Don’t forget features like the Bowlus’ floor heating can warm even the frostiest of popsicle toes. With everything tucked inside a Bowlus shell (other than the grey water tank), you’ll be ready for any winter adventure.

The thoughts of blowing flakes, the sight of our frosty breaths and the creak of compacting snow as we break a fresh trail followed by a night settled in with great food and those we love makes us say“Let’s call for snow day!”

Where will you head on your next winter journey?