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Do I Have To Stay In An RV Park?

Do I Have To Stay In An RV Park?

At Bowlus we’re often asked about the best places to stay while exploring our amazing country. We know you’re looking for adventure in your life, and we understand that staying at a humdrum campground may not fit with your vision of a dream destination. So where do we suggest you start?

If you love to be off the beaten path, we recommend joining Harvest Host. They have 620 farms, vineyards and other special treats in store for you. Membership is just $99 a year, and all they ask is for you to support your local stay by buying some produce or a bottle of wine. Lately, we have been dreaming about a llama farm in Texas! Mention Bowlus, and they’ll add another month to your membership for free. Another wonderful membership is RV Golf. It doesn’t matter if you bring your clubs or not – they offer over 400 plus amazing locations for just $99 a year. Bowlus owners love to run their dogs on the courses (with approval) and sleep at the quiet locales RV Golf provides.

There are so many truly amazing national parks, state parks, municipal parks, national forests, and yes, campgrounds to consider. All take Bowlus. Some love dogs, some don’t, some need you to book in advance, and sometimes, someone else’s cancellation makes for your best night. We love Campendium as a great place to look at reviews. Think of it as Yelp for camping. Not all the reviews may speak to you, but we’ve had some amazing luck when we needed something in a pinch and didn’t have time to do a whole lot of research. In California, we love Pismo Coast Village coupled with an evening walk to a delicious dinner at the Cracked Crab, and we have some very sweet memories camping at Casini Ranch and strolling into Duncan Mills for a steamy morning latte. The Duncan Mills General Store is a gem that’s got a secret stock of Piney The Elder if you’re a fan.

One of our favorite features of the Bowlus is how easily it gets along with friends and family. With just a 120V outlet, you can run your AC or microwave and access all outlets. We love how you can visit and have the grandkids over for story time in the Bowlus’ big bed or use it as a guesthouse when friends and family visit. In fact, everyone will be fighting to spend a night in your Bowlus!

Finally, we remind ourselves that sometimes we just need to go with the flow. That, sometimes, is the best adventure of all. We’ve been awoken by loud moos at truck stops and slept part of a night in a Walmart parking lot (we usually wouldn’t recommend it, but Lompoc wasn’t prepared for all the rocket fans waiting for the Mission to Mars launch). Experiences like those make for silly travel memories that make you smile and make you especially grateful for those clear, spectacular nights camped out under the Big Dipper.

P.S. We’re always looking to pass on value, so don’t forget to mention Bowlus when signing up to Harvest Host and RV Golf.