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Do You Want a Concept or the Real Thing?

Do You Want a Concept or the Real Thing?

The big 3 RV manufacturers each announced concept electric RVs this year. There’s been a lot of excitement around these proclamations, which has certainly bolstered the stock prices and public perception of these brands.

But here’s the thing. When you dig a little deeper, you might wonder if all the hype is justified. Are these brands the forward-thinking, innovative companies they want you to think they are?

Details around when these concept RVs will be brought to market and at what price are shockingly thin. Do a quick internet search, and all you’ll find are some loose promises of release dates sometime in 2022 – but the year is almost up, and they seem to be no closer to launch today than they were ten months ago.

What you will hear about are vague things like range issues, long charge cycles, and how the major brands aren’t really bringing specific innovations to the campsite.

Bowlus has long been known as an innovative leader in the RV industry. Bowlus was the first aluminum travel trailer. We were the first to use lithium-iron phosphate batteries.

And now, with the Volterra, we’re the first to bring a fully-electric RV to market in North America.

The Bowlus Volterra is packed with innovative features, including the first induction cooktop in a travel trailer, the first use of AeroSolar’s powerful solar panel system, the first integration of Starlink’s high-speed satellite internet, and the most advanced battery system available in a travel trailer.

Most importantly, it’s the first electric RV you can actually purchase. Do you want to keep being told about a concept RV or do you want to experience the future today?

Call us today to learn more about the Volterra so you can travel on your terms.