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Does Bowlus Still Offer Bespoke Interiors? We Do!

Does Bowlus Still Offer Bespoke Interiors? We Do!

Interior design is just one of the many things Bowlus luxury RVs are known for. For example, every Bowlus Volterra and Terra Firma has real birch wood on the walls and ceiling, as well as stainless steel countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. The hotel-style bathroom also features teak seating and flooring in the shower. The bedroom is well-appointed and the living area offers PVC-free seating covered in hand-stitched luxurious fabrics.

Not only do the high quality-materials used on the interior of every Bowlus look amazing, but they are also selected because they’re sustainable and durable – and because of that, you can rest assured that your Bowlus’ interior will stand the test of time and have a minimal impact on the environment.

While we select each material and color palette for our RVs with care, we also know that sometimes you have a unique vision for your home away from home. That’s why we’ve been collaborating with our customers to create custom interiors for over a decade.

Did you know Bowlus has a bespoke interior customization program offering fifty-six million possible design combinations? Personalizing your Bowlus is easy. Once you order your custom Volterra, we’ll book a design inspiration session appointment for you with our team. Then the real fun begins as we work with you to tailor an interior look that’s unique to your Bowlus.
Our design team loves these sessions. One of their favorite bespoke interiors was a Bowlus inspired by a spectacular turquoise shoe. And then there was the Bowlus that used a homestead in Montana as its muse. Other memorable interiors have drawn on memories of a ski lodge in Vail and a yacht moored near Seattle.
What will inspire your bespoke design? Whatever your vision for your Bowlus’ interior, our creative and experienced design team is excited to help you bring it to life.