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So why can’t others build lighter RVs like Bowlus®?

So why can’t others build lighter RVs like Bowlus®?

This brings us to the final part of the three-part series. We’ve explained why both towing capacity and ranger considerations will significantly impact any traditional RVs.

So, why can’t RV manufacturers just build lighter vehicles? While there are tiny trailers with comparable weights to the full-size Bowlus, under no means can these RVs provide the type of camping adventures that our modern luxury land travelers demand. Tiny trailers have only achieved a lightweight design due to their small size restriction, not any engineered solution. 

Lightweight designs and builds cost more. It has only been in the past few decades that advanced (and more expensive) materials ranging from aluminum and magnesium alloys to carbon fiber composites have made their way into mass-produced passenger cars. 

For the RV industry, which buys component parts from third party suppliers, the weight has never been a consideration that the end customer demanded until Bowlus arrived. The RV industry has been dependent on the gas-powered pickup trucks, so it will be fascinating to see what happens with that relationship. The fact is an entire industry is wholly unprepared for this change. 

When you order your Bowlus, you know that you support a business that looks forward and designs a production with intention. Our owners with Tesla X have been towing their Bowlus for years. We’ve longed seen this transition coming as it is a part of many of our conversations with Bowlus buyers. Since the first day we started, we envisioned this and are delighted our holistic approach to design addresses this need.

It’s true in almost every way that we are the antithesis of the RV industry. At Bowlus, we do what we believe in and take our responsibility seriously. We once again lead the RV industry in a direction that isn’t just good for buyers but also excellent news for the environment.