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Endless Highways Performance Edition Feature Summary

Endless Highways Performance Edition Feature Summary

Enjoy the ultimate in land travel with the Endless Highways Performance Edition.

The Endless Highways Performance Edition has been our most successful launch to date. The Endless Highways Performance Edition specifically speaks to those seeking extended range and the ultimate in luxurious comforts.

We are delighted to experience a surge of orders for the only true four-season RV. Our discerning owners recognize the only true way to experience luxury land travel is with a Bowlus.

We’ve received numerous inquiries for a quick summary of the upgrades in the Performance Edition. They include:

  • Two huge main cabin skylights. Celebrate the great outdoors or take in the evening sky with our signature skylights. Included are wood blinds so you can completely darken the ceiling if desired.
  • Enhanced Bowlus Power Management System with:
    • 3,000W Inverter is the ultimate in power freedom. So go ahead and run any 110V appliance off-grid. Enjoy your blender or hair dryer anywhere from all outlets with no hesitation.
    • Double the amount of LiFePO4 batteries that was already a record we set with the Endless Highways.
    • The Performance Edition incredible power system translates into several critical advantages that all result in seamless luxury land travel. They include:
      • Up to two weeks off-grid**
      • Up to 8 hours of A/C from the battery in 100+ degree weather**
      • Up to 16 hours of A/C from the battery in 85-degree weather**
  • Outdoor Kitchen ready with 110V outlet and propane outlet. Whether it’s margarita hour or time for your beloved latte, you can set up these machines and enjoy the 110V outdoor plug. The additional propane outlet also makes grilling a snap.
  • Emergency EV charge. Enjoy the added benefit of up to 16 miles as an emergency chargeback to your EV. Additionally, the Bowlus is the world’s most aerodynamic travel trailer that provides a range of 175 to 200 miles per charge.

The incredible reaction of our customers and the press confirms that no one understands and designs for the luxury land traveler like Bowlus.