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Traveling Across The Country Doesn’t Mean Compromising Your Comfort

Traveling Across The Country Doesn’t Mean Compromising Your Comfort

Many RV’s fail when it comes to you and your family’s comfort. They have limited living space, weak water pressure, uncomfortable beds, limited storage, and no flexibility. At Bowlus, we understand what you are looking for—exclusive adventures in incredible comfort.

Here are a few essentials to consider:


When you purchase an RV, flexibility is essential. You want to be able to have flexibility in travel so no matter your travel companion(s), you are still extremely comfortable. With most RV’s you need to choose your bed configuration, and there is no flexibility with your floorplan. Additionally, in many RV with beds that convert from a sofa to a bed, it is like sleeping on a pull out couch – incredibly uncomfortable. However, with the Bowlus, our bedroom can convert from two twin excellent beds to a giant delicious king bed, and you can sleep well knowing that our mattresses are insanely comfortable and thick. The Bowlus sleeps 4, so same goes for the living room, which can convert the sofa and dinette into two more comfortable twin beds.


Most RV’s currently on the market from other manufacturers feel like you are staying in your dorm room again. You can hear everyone breathe all night, rustling around morning, etc. While it might have been fun in college, it’s lost its appeal. Additionally, in most RVs, there is no privacy. The bathrooms have sliding paper doors, no separate bedroom, no privacy area to escape from it all. At Bowlus we know how important privacy is.  We have large, solid insulated wood doors, a separate master bedroom, and stabilization jacks. You won’t be woken up by your “roommate” in the middle of the night – and you certainly won’t have anyone hear you while you are in the bathroom.


When you step into most RVs, you feel as though you have just stepped into a motel room that hasn’t been updated since 1982. There are no amenities; the hot water runs out in a matter of minutes from a weak water pressure shower head, there is no storage, and so nowhere to put your necessities. The Bowlus is genuinely the most luxurious travel trailer, with the amenities you would expect from a five-star hotel suite. The Bowlus has heated floors, continuous hot water, easy access smart storage, cupboards, closets, and sliding drawers. In terms of materials, we use copious amounts of soft leather-like seating, soft-touch surfaces and all real wood or aluminum in our interiors. Bowlus also offers routers and cell boosters so you will never be without connection when you want to be.


If you’ve stepped into six months or more old RV, you’ve noticed they have a particularly terrible smell. The truth is this smell is unavoidable because of the way almost all RV’s are built. Two awful smells plague RVs: toilet systems and drain pipes, and once your RV starts to smell like this, it is incredibly hard to reverse this. At Bowlus  this is never a concern. Our customers are still happily using their RVs that are many years old with absolutely no smells. We use an incredibly hygienic toilet system with a cassette toilet combined with our unique ventilation system. We can go on and on about the improved bowl geometry, seating height (and comfort), as well as the warning system that tells you when to empty it; however, our incredible ventilation system also deserves attention. It’s similar to the activated sludge process used in sewage treatment plants, and it eliminates odors. And to avoid that dry sink odor, every Bowlus possesses a unique addition to their drains so that you’ll never get that smell either.


Most RVs are painful for entertaining, with cramped, uncomfortable living and entertaining areas. Seating is ergonomic and uncomfortable. You and your guests are squeezed together like sardines. Even if you are considering RVs that expand their living area with slide outs- think again. As their development occurred in the 1930s, many National Park campsites are smaller, so you will not have the space to slide those out. At Bowlus we have a large living area with seating for five people or dining for four. Our seating is incredibly ergonomic, high quality and the spacing distance between you and your guests is both comfortable yet intimate, perfect for creating a really perfect environment.


Most RVs are not pet-friendly. They do not have A/C unless you are plugged into external 30A electricity (generally only found at commercial campsites) and even their fans and heating system suck so much power, you wouldn’t want to leave your beloved animal in there for long in case the battery power dwindled and the system shut off leaving them too hot or cold. The Bowlus is perfect for animals, and we’ve tested it with our pets. The Bowlus has fantastic cross-ventilation and an incredibly efficient (and silent) heating system on or off-grid. Furthermore, with our Endless HIghways model, you can power your A/C the battery for four hours or with the Performance Edition up to two nights. So even if you have to leave your pet inside your Bowlus while you have dinner out, you know they are safe and being kept in comfortable, safe temperatures.