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Feature Highlight: Bedroom

Feature Highlight: Bedroom

Bedrooms in RVs tend to be an afterthought. But don’t we all yearn for a delightful night of sleep after a big hike or long drive?

A superbly arranged bedroom is the foundation of a great night’s sleep, with our bed serving as the centerpiece. It should not only be a comfy place to relax during the day but, more importantly, be the key to sleep quality at night. That’s why the Bowlus mattresses are custom-made to our proprietary formula. Just right to support someone 6′ 4″ with its king bed length and equally importantly supporting them, so they don’t feel themselves ‘bottoming out” but still not “too hard” for our more petite travelers. At Bowlus, we created the “twins to king” flexible sleeping arrangement so any Princess (or Prince) will sleep comfortably never to feel a seam under them, and there’s lots of room for a friend. Of course, a great bed requires sumptuous linens, and no one offers better bedding than us. Only the best will do for a Bowlus owner.

As you enter the Bowlus bedroom, it feels so good to be surrounded by the zen-like natural wood walls whispering “goodnight.” Our solid wood blinds mean darkness, and with windows that open, you can enjoy an evening breeze. Of course, our silent heating system means you can modulate the heat settings to your desires. Although we provide table docks for movie night screening in the bedroom, please know, we also have provided out-of-bedroom storage so that your gadgets can be gone when you’re ready to get your zzzs. We even include a “white noise” solution for those who want a fan and outlets for those who use sleeping solutions. Yes, we do think of everything.

The Bowlus bedroom’s goal is for you to wake each morning refreshed and relaxed, ready to welcome your whole day ahead with a beautiful start.