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Feature Highlight: Bowlus® Cargo Management System

Feature Highlight: Bowlus® Cargo Management System

The Bowlus Cargo Management System is something you’ll find inside every Bowlus. Running down the edge of each wall that faces the aisle, you’ll notice a track that secures the clips for the Bowlus Cargo Management System.

The Cargo Management System allows you to quickly and safely strap almost anything in the interior of the Bowlus. We have owners use these for their boards, kayaks, and bikes. The front door design of the Bowlus makes for easy in and out with larger objects like these.

We also have owners using the clips to hold tea towels in the kitchen, the glasses at bedtime, or an easy way to tie up their pups while loading in their groceries. The system is lightweight but robust. So incredibly strong – it is the same system that holds in your seats while you’re enjoying a flight.

So no matter your interest or hobbies, the Bowlus Cargo Management System ensures an easy and safe way to tie down your precious cargo, so it arrives ready for you. Please send us an email if you are interested in learning more about all the features that allow you to travel on your terms with a Bowlus.