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Feature Highlight: Dining Room

Feature Highlight: Dining Room

Before designing a room, it’s critical to understanding the function that the space needs to hold. Dining areas, especially in RVs, are often thought of as the spot for a quick “chow down.” However, a one-of-a-kind dining area like you find in the Bowlus is designed to promote curiosity, leading to interesting conversations.

At Bowlus, our dining room design starts with a good-sized one-of-a-kind table made of natural wood and is big enough for games night or a “foodie’s” dream dinner. Smartly designed, there is a tray underneath that holds your laptops and tablets so you can connect to your travel mates without screens. The sofa can also accommodate a companion table for additional guests, or you can choose to have it serve as a sideboard. Of course, the Bowlus’ uniqueness and how we handle the curved ceiling in a beautiful arrangement of wood adds texture and color to give the space a comforting personality. It is important that windows and stunning skylights surround the Bowlus dining area to draw your gaze to nature but private if you wish to draw the linen drapes.

And then are the details that make any dining area inviting, like beautiful lighting and incredible seating that is so comfortable that you’ll want to linger. Whether you choose the Terra Firma, the Performance Edition, or a Bespoke Customization for your Bowlus, you’ll find a creative style that is all yours. It will be the perfect place to ponder the question, where’s our next adventure?