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Feature Highlight: Kitchen Appliances

Feature Highlight: Kitchen Appliances

The Bowlus offers a smartly designed kitchen galley that allows you to pull together an epic breakfast, a quick lunch pre-hike or a sweet romantic dinner.

Like everything we do at Bowlus, we consciously selected the appliances for their ability to work in a superior manner. One of our favorite appliances is the Bowlus refrigerator/freezer. It is 12 watt which means it is not only incredibly efficient it doesn’t require it to be completely level to operate like three way RV refrigerators do. That means you also don’t need to run your propane while you are driving, which is never safe and the refrigerator/freezer is built to last. There is enough room in the freezer for a few fabulous steaks, your favorites to round out the meal if that includes your favorite ice cream and a special vodka for your fancy cocktails.

There is lots of deep storage for dishes and cookware in the three pull out drawers. Food supplies and cleaning items fit well in the ample cupboards you’ll find on either side of the aisle. Overhead there are vents and great lighting that can be directed to your prep or cooking area.
We’ve added a few very useful features like the high end faucet has a long enough hose that reaches to rinse off feet before you step into your Bowlus and of course the lashing system extends into the kitchen so you can hang fresh garlic or your tea towels. The cooktop also doubles as a workstation so you’ve got the very best in a compact but stylist kitchen.

If you’re first up to prepare the lattes know you’ll be standing on a heated floor so you won’t feel too hard done by as your travel mate is getting an extra few winks. Whether you’re the ultimate camp chef or more of a grab and go cook your Bowlus galley kitchen can support all your styles and needs.

What are you serving in your Bowlus?