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Feature Highlight: Kitchen Storage

Feature Highlight: Kitchen Storage

A well-designed kitchen reflects a perfect combination of form and function that provides years of easy, memorable meals for daily happiness and sustenance. From a form standpoint, the Bowlus kitchen needs to fully support you while you’re traveling and enjoying your adventures that means some very unique needs that must be addressed.

The first secret to designing the Bowlus kitchen is to develop a storage plan that anticipates how the user(s) may choose to cook and entertain. Unlike your home, where you probably have a myriad of space, with a Bowlus, you have a keen appreciation that a well-designed kitchen also requires an organized kitchen. With that in mind, we have organized the kitchen around storage options. You will find two large drawers for dinnerware and cookware. You will also find three additional cupboards with three shelves to store foodstuffs and another large cupboard with two shelves for garbage, cleaning supplies, and room for pet food. Above you’ll find a cutlery/storage drawer. All drawers have hard-pull soft-close hardware, so nothing ever empties out along the way. You can also make use of the two large shelves over the counters once you arrive for quick and go items like granola bars or fruit.

Of course, not everyone sets up their kitchen the same way. However, a couple of small tips we’d like to provide include only bringing along the most likely used items first and then consider purging items that you rarely use, like the ones you’d usually send to the upper cabinets in your kitchen. However, if you’re headed to a farm and are looking to make something fresh like pies, then, by all means, bring along specialty items like the Coleman Camp Oven we use inside or a Camp Chef or Sun Oven for outdoors. If you’re looking for easy clean-up, consider using deli liners for messy meals. These will make you the first to volunteer to do the dishes!

With some menu planning, the Bowlus kitchen storage has allowed Bowlus owners a week away at a time before hit up a grocery store. Of course, it’s wonderful also to support local restaurants as you enjoy the most fabulous dining room in the country – your Bowlus!