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Feature Highlight: Lightweight Design

Feature Highlight: Lightweight Design

An interesting paper published by Nature suggested that humans struggle with subtractive thinking. Although we can all quote our favorite folk wisdom such as “less is more” or “keep it simple,” it seems we’re wired to add new things even if it leads to sub-par results. Of course, the RV industry is littered with such examples.

That’s why at Bowlus, we are such a stand-out. We not only embrace but live the Colin Chapman, Founder of Lotus Cars, philosophy to “simplify, then add lightness.”

This is not an easy mission (just ask our design and engineering team members), but the benefits to the Bowlus owners are countless.

First, no other RV handles like a Bowlus. When a vehicle is perfectly light-weighted with a low center of gravity, it handles tight corners, challenging weather conditions, and questionable fellow drivers with an ease you’ve never experienced before. That means you arrive at your destination refreshed, not ravaged.

Second, you have the widest choice of tow vehicles when you own a Bowlus. Whether it is an EV or standard vehicle, only a Bowlus offers you an incredible range of vehicle options. It also means as we all move to EVs in the future, you can enjoy incredible range as well. So remember, there is no need to feel you must drive a traditional pick up unless of course, that’s your style.

Third, a Bowlus is easy. Make that the easiest RV. Why? Because at 3,200 pounds, a small adult can pull it over to hitch and never break a sweat. You can leave it on any porous surface and not worry that if the weather changes, you’ll bet you’ve got a challenge on your hands. Lightweight really does matter.

Lastly, you get to enjoy that, oh so fabulous feeling knowing you’re truly caring for the environment each time you hit the road. Not only do you make “light demand” of our national infrastructure, but you’re also able to travel on your terms with ease. And that’s what the Bowlus is all about.