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Feature Highlight: Living Room

Feature Highlight: Living Room

Ever walk into a hotel suite and feel like you know you’re about to have a great stay? That’s what entering the Bowlus is like. There is a deeply thoughtful flow from the cook’s galley kitchen to the well-appointing main cabin and then onto the roomy ensuite and zen-like bedroom that draws you into the beauty of the Bowlus.

Today, we’d like to talk about the main cabin area, and this area is truly made for living. On the port side, you’ll find two large comfy chairs with an armrest for dining—a good-sized table for feasts that also holds dueling laptops or large monitors. Underneath the table, you’ll find storage for tablets and laptops with charging. The dining table also is removable (and stores in the closet) to make the fourth bed in the Bowlus. Across the way, you’ll find a very comfortable sofa that also doubles as the third bed. You’ll also find well-appointed directional lighting so that you can stay on task or enjoy a late-night read. Down below, on both sides, you find five good-sized drawers for your hobbies or “extras,” or in the case of the Terra Firma, you’ll find the most adorable dog drawer with bowls. You also are surrounded by silent radiators, so there will be no unwanted interruptions. Want to stream the latest? There are two fantastic options: First, there is a tablet anchor on the wall for reclining while watching.

Additionally, it is also possible to put the sofa table in place (which allows up to four to eat or work), and it doubles as the perfect snack/beverage station. Kick back and place the tablet on the dining table and use the dinette chairs as your ottomans! Trust us; it’s living!

Of course, you know all the floors are heated except for the area between the dinette seats – our four-footed friends told us they need a place to rest on the floor that wasn’t warm. And we’ve left perhaps the best for last. Yes, the Bowlus windows and skylights. Wow! Nothing like enjoying nature and the view from all angles! You’ll also catch a sweet breeze with the windows open and spy the constellations at night before you place the wood blinds for darkness as you head off to sleep for another great night in your home away from home. Nothing is designed for you like a Bowlus!