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Feature Highlight: Silent Vents

Feature Highlight: Silent Vents

When we talk about luxury, the conversation often starts with fit and finish. However, it is so much more encompassing for us. So how does the concept of silence fit with luxury? Easy, because silence is so sought but rarely attained in our lives, it is indeed a luxury.

The value of silence on our bodies and minds is impressive. It can reduce stress, lead to better sleep and even increase the production of brain cells. We also associate silence with peaceful relaxation, like visiting with nature. So that is why we designed the Bowlus to be your zen refuge with silent vents, so you’re not disturbed by an annoying fan running in the background.

You’ll find four silent vents that move air through the brass screens on the windows  traveling along the curved ceiling to exit that you can open and close individually to get the perfect airflow just for you. An added benefit is that these are mechanical versus electric fans is they are built to last since there are no electrical elements to fail.

When good design leads, it brings luxury to your life.