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Feature Highlight: Tablets & Streaming In Your Bowlus®

Feature Highlight: Tablets & Streaming In Your Bowlus®

Years ago, we had one of those fabulous studio executives order a Bowlus. We were a little concerned since the Bowlus doesn’t support a big screen TV with satellite (which the big busses enjoyed at the time). We hoped he had noticed that we had a totally different take and saw streaming as the future when he placed his order online. Happily, we let out a collective happy sigh when he emailed back to say how excited he was with the delivery. He also mentioned he had just completed a major study. The future was that movie and television watching would be on tablets and phones, so he was glad there was no big television screen that would become outdated in the Bowlus.

Fast forward, more than seven years later (or more), and the future we imagined has become the expected as many are using the device of their choosing to view their favorites. Of course, the beauty of not having just one big screen translates into having more than a few very comfortable spots to view in the Bowlus. So you’ll find magnetized anchors in the living and bedroom so you can enjoy the news or a streaming party in bed. One of our favorite spots is using the dining table for our big-screen tablet with some tasty snacks and beverages on the sofa table while using the dinette seating as ottomans.

Of course, all this is possible because of the incredible power of the Bowlus Power Management System that allows up to two weeks off-grid, along with the ability to stream whatever you’d like when you like privately. This is the technology we pioneered over seven years ago, and it’s important to know you’re buying the best in private network capabilities because your privacy matters.

You really can travel on your terms with your Bowlus.