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Feature Highlight: Vanity

Feature Highlight: Vanity

We all know a beautifully executed bathroom vanity along with a steamy latte or cup of tea can be the secret to the start of a great day. The Bowlus offers an all-in-one vanity that is incredibly functional, stylish, and clean-looking.

Once you pass the Bowlus large “yours and mine” or “(mine and mine)” closets, you’ll find yourself stationed at the stunning vanity in the Bowlus ensuite opposite the luxurious shower. At the vanity, you’ll find a large cupboard with two shelves roomy enough for all your necessities, and more so you can be super organized. You also find an easy access outlet for your shaver or blow dryer – all of which will run off-grid. A good-sized sink with an ample supply of hot water with stainless steel countertops will completely complement your morning or evening routine. A high quality, good sized mirror means you can truly see yourself at the right distance while comfortably standing.

Perhaps what is most commented on by our owners is the incredible lighting in the vanity. Whether you are an early riser or a late-night owl, know you can start and end your day with the right lighting. This is incredibly helpful, so you’ll be “close-up” ready even if you don’t have one planned.

The Bowlus vanity is just one more design concept that makes every Bowlus adventure better.