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Feature Highlight: WFH (Work From Home)

Feature Highlight: WFH (Work From Home)

Bowlus offers the most trusted and secured communications system of any RV. Whether you are sending emails, essential files, or just can’t miss a game or the news, we’ve got you covered for performance and safety.

Both the Endless Highways Performance Edition, and Terra Firma models have a Cellular Booster, a Mobile Router with Embedded Modem, a charging station, and a sophisticated power management system for charging laptops, tablets, and phones. Additionally, we use a heavy-duty pure-sine wave inverter that allows for printers and other work equipment to be used seamlessly. The modem can also access up to two cellular networks, so know you can choose to be well covered whether in Newfoundland or Nebraska.

While this technology gives you incredible coverage and access to everything you need, we can also use it to run diagnostics on your power system remotely, similar to a Tesla system. Additionally, the Terra Firma model includes GPS tracking for an added level of security and peace of mind. Allow only your chosen users to access your location to anticipate your arrival or view your trip status to coordinate off-grid camping with friends and family.

What is truly amazing is with a Bowlus, you can travel on your terms. You can pull over, take a Zoom call, send some files while you enjoy a cappuccino and some air-conditioning, or be completely off-grid while the kids catch up on schoolwork or take a hike. Just how cool is that?

With a Bowlus, you can truly enjoy it all!