First Reactions To The Endless Highways Performance Edition

First Reactions To The Endless Highways Performance Edition

We’ve now had many customers complete their FaceTime sales appointments with the Endless Highways Performance Edition, and the reviews are in – they LOVE it! In fact, it is the most successful launch in our history.

Here’s what our future owners had to say:

“When we saw the new Performance Edition, we seriously lost our minds! We couldn’t email back quickly enough to say, Yes, please! And we are glad we did, our Bowlus was just delivered and it is even more amazing in person”

“Honestly, the folks at Bowlus are mind readers! We love, love the giant skylights (and the covers), and the extra power just makes us feel more safe and comfy in these crazy times! Can’t wait for it to arrive at our summer cabin!”

“The Performance Edition ticked off everything on our list – and it was a long one. The Bowlus Power Management System that Geneva and her team have developed is truly the best in class. As an electrical engineer, I am totally geeking out over this. It’s perfection! And the skylights – we can’t wait to crack open a bottle of wine, enjoy the heated floors while we take in the night sky – AMAZING!”

We would love to invite you to experience the Endless Highways Performance Edition. Please let us know if we can schedule your exclusive sales appointment today via Zoom.