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Bowlus® Is The Best Solution To All RV Needs

Bowlus® Is The Best Solution To All RV Needs

Here are the five questions that former motorhome owners asked themselves to realize that owning a Bowlus was the best decision for them:

Style of Adventure

How do you like to adventure? Owning a motorhome meant, “When you finally get where you are going, you drop everything where you are and just stay put.” Parking and packing up to go on an adventure are a hassle with a motorhome, so they just didn’t go anywhere. The data backs this up with rigs over 28’ staying put for weeks/months at a time while on vacation. Sure, you can tow a small car to make this easier, but is it? With a Bowlus, you can drop in minutes and be off on your next adventure. If you want to get moving on your next leg of your trip? No problem, you are packed in minutes with a Bowlus and on your way. As the folks at Bowlus say, with a Bowlus, you can adventure on your terms with either the Endless Highways or On The Road Editions.

Maintenance & Expense.

Do you love to spend time maintaining? Motorhome owners wished they had done more research into how much maintenance a motorhome entailed. You wouldn’t let your car rack up all sorts of miles without regular time in the shop. Well, a motorhome has all the same regular maintenance considerations. Many commented that there were all those issues then add in problems like stuck slide-outs. A few wanted to remind others that you could spend more time in the shop then on the road. By simply following the Bowlus manual, they loved how annual maintenance for the Bowlus could be accomplished by simply following the manual. No need to purchase another book hoping to understand the secrets of their motorhome or join a Facebook group that might supply poor info – it was simply all there in the Bowlus manual. Then there is the cost driving as a diesel engine powers a motorhome. It depends on the size, but in a Class C motorhome, you can get about 10 to 15 miles per gallon (mpg). With a Bowlus, you will lose 1 – 3 miles per gallon towing, which means you don’t have to fill up as often, which delivers on time and money, stopping for fill-ups.


You don’t drive a big rig for work, so why did you think it would be easy-peasy when you got behind the wheel of a motorhome? Everyone commented that no one really talks about the stress of driving a motorhome. One former motorhome owner laughed and said it was because it just doesn’t seem “manly” to ask how challenging they are to drive. Others ask, “just because it doesn’t require a special license doesn’t mean it shouldn’t.” Stopping and parking required detailed planning. A few long-time motorhome owners mentioned there was a reality that you “age out” of motorhomes. That the physical and mental toll they took just made them less fun over time. Another commented even Airstream has a special group called “Silver Sisters” because hitching and towing an Airstream wasn’t easy. At Bowlus, even a small adult under 5’ can hitch and tow within a couple of minutes.

Driving Comfort & Handing.

Lunch anyone? At first, it seems really appealing you can make a sandwich while someone is driving. However, it is always good to remind yourself in those situations that seat belts were invented for a reason. Not to mention that driver focus is critical. Stopping with a Bowlus is so easy you can enjoy the sights and your lunch. Even though the RV industry has done a tremendous job with driver seating in a motorhome, it still doesn’t compare with a high-end SUV. The weight, along with the wheelbase on a motorhome, translates into the inability to do U-turns and major challenges accelerating and merging onto highways. It is issues like these that made the Bowlus receive the high ratings from former motorhome owners. The weight and size of the Bowlus mean u-turns, and merging onto the busiest highway is done with ease.


Do you wish to only stay at campgrounds? While campgrounds can be fantastic, do you really want to limit where you can stay severely? While it is also true that you can add a generator or two for stays off-grid with a motorhome, it also means you have to endure the noise and hassle of a generator continually running while you are experiencing nature. If you are planning to hit up Harvest Host, or Hip Camps or national lands, then a Bowlus is the far and away better bet. With the Bowlus lithium iron phosphate power system, you have at least seven days of power reserves to run all of your power outlets along with your microwave and AC without the aid of a generator or solar panel, so you are able to enjoy nature in silence. Since the heating system works on propane, you also have a heated floor, hot water, and silent heat, which means you can travel and camp anywhere and be incredibly comfortable.

If you have any questions, let us know and we look forward to continuing the conversation with you.