How Does A Vintage Bowlus® Bowlus Compare To A New Bowlus® Endless Highways?

How Does A Vintage Bowlus® Bowlus Compare To A New Bowlus® Endless Highways?

As you may know, in 1934, the Bowlus was the first aluminum riveted travel trailer. Others, including Airstream, later copied it. In fact, Wally Byam, who founded Airstream, worked for Hawley Bowlus as a salesperson selling Bowlus. He then copied the original Bowlus shape in 1937 when he moved the door from the front to the side on the Bowlus signature shape to create the modern-day Airstream. Wally sold 12 aluminum Airstream before he closed the business during the war. Hawley Bowlus, by comparison, sold 80 Bowlus Road Chiefs before returning to the aerospace industry to work for the war effort.

Today’s Bowlus enjoys the same collector status as the original Bowlus as both are considered the ultimate travel trailer. The last vintage Bowlus went for $187,000 at auction at Goodings in 2016. The Bowlus’ incredible aerodynamic shape is the prevalent feature that survives today since it is as important today as it was over 80 years ago. Aerodynamic and lightness means today’s electric vehicles like a Tesla X or Audi e-tron or the soon to be launched Rivan can tow a Bowlus with ease. Towing a Bowlus means you enjoy two to three times the range over a conventional travel trailer like an Airstream.

Although Hawley Bowlus created several different floor plans, today’s Bowlus uses the central hall layout. The streamlined floor plan allows for incredible comfort and multi-use of space, such as in the bathroom where the hall doubles the size of the luxurious en-suite when you close the bathroom doors. It also allows for storage of bikes and boards. Although the new Bowlus resembles in shape the vintage design, the similarities to today’s Bowlus really stop there. Inside today’s Bowlus, you will find a fit and finish that you won’t find in any motorhome, luxury van conversion, travel trailer, or RV. Today’s Bowlus also enjoys the best in lithium iron phosphate batteries and the best in class appliances most often found in the yacht industry.

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