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Charging Your Batteries

Charging Your Batteries

You love to travel, and you want to set out on the open road, but can the Bowlus® handle the challenge? You bet! The Bowlus® can go along to any destination, fully charged and ready for all of your adventures.

The Bowlus® provides the most flexible charging options of any RV on the market today. With the ease and value of available charging options, Bowlus® owners save themselves hours of frustration, allowing them to focus on what really matters – spending time with loved ones and seeing this amazing country of ours.

Charging your Bowlus® from your tow vehicle while you are en route to your destination is the easiest charging strategy. By using the power of your vehicle on an all-day trip, you charge while you drive.

Additionally, your solar panel can charge your Bowlus®. Field testing shows that the solar panels can generate 30 – 50 AMPs, allowing you ample energy, for instance, to use the lights refrigerator/freezer and the cellular amplifier. The Honda 2000 generator can also be added to your Bowlus® to provide energy. This compact powerhouse can run all the Bowlus’® energy demands, including the air conditioner, so you can stay cool and comfortable wherever you are.

If you plan on visiting friends or family and need to recharge, a 15 AMP circuit is all you need to power up. This means that you simply plug into a 120V outlet. You’ll prove yourself to be the best type of guest: you bring your own housing and you only need to use a standard 120V outlet to recharge – voilà!

With the Bowlus®, you’re free to steer clear of packed RV parks and even head into the backcountry, assured that you have a host of charging options at your fingertips. What could be better?

P. S. With charging ports, air-conditioning, and other electronic amenities, the biggest challenge may be to disconnect and enjoy nature!