Never Have Hitching Anxiety Again

Never Have Hitching Anxiety Again

The ease of hitching is another important consideration when purchasing a RV. You must always perform this action perfectly for your safety as well for the safety of others. It should never be rushed and you should always take an extra moment to check your work.

The Bowlus takes a leisurely two minutes to hitch up and even less to unhitch. It is not complicated like many poorly designed travel trailers. You just drop the receiver on the ball, close the coupler, connect the cables, secure the jockey wheel, do a safety check for your brakes and lights and you are ready to go.

Other trailers involve the frustrating and stressful process where you need to position the hitch ball “exactly” underneath the coupler, which usually takes more than a few defeated tries. With the Bowlus you just get close and easily pull over the Bowlus towards the hitch ball. The lightest of adults can accomplish it.

There is no need to connect weight equalization, anti-sway bars, tow mirrors, etc. These are required by other RVs due to poor design. Hitching is so easy in a Bowlus that a single person can hitch and unhitch a Bowlus with ease. Our owners tell us this gives them incredible flexibility with who uses their Bowlus. This also means you there is no stressing about picking up that forgotten baguette or heading out to a movie or meal. While a class C or a Sprinter van avoids the need to hitch up it makes running an errand a big hassle, as you must completely pack up each time you leave. One of our full-timers commented that packing up a Sprinter every time you wanted to run a quick errand made van life no life for her.

With all that time saved hitching your Bowlus, always take all the time you need to complete a circle check after you have completed hitching up. This is a perfect opportunity to remember to grab a forgotten power cord or close a window. It makes your drive more enjoyable when you your thoughts are not interrupted by a nagging though of did I remember to lift the stabilizer jacks?