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No Generator For Bowlus® Owners

No Generator For Bowlus® Owners

This summer, we got a ton of media calls regarding this “new” trend about “RVing and work-life solutions.” At Bowlus, we did a typical seven-year-old eye roll since that’s how long our owners have been enjoying the very best in working on (and off) the road with wifi amplifiers/routers and enough power that they could do what they wanted when they wanted. Unfortunately, the RV industry – in its usual way – was leaving power solutions as a dealer add-on (terrible idea) or kicking back with a “wait and see” attitude pushing the idea of “just add a big generator to your RV since you are towing with a large pick-up and who cares how little battery power you actually have.” While that may be technically true, we’d like to explore why it’s just such a terrible idea.

Bowlus owners generally tend to avoid traditional campgrounds (even before COVID-19) because they were looking for peace and quiet. They also didn’t want to hear some generator booming, even if it was their own. This is why our Performance Edition has been a complete sell-out. As you know, at Bowlus, we design for a completely holistic power solution. Period. Seriously, don’t you want to avoid smelly gas or running giant generators for your RV? And with a Bowlus, you don’t have to.

We were rather pleased when we started to see generator restrictions (even if it was just restricting hourly usage) popping up at State and National Parks (since many don’t have hookups). We love to hear the wind, a few birds chirping, and maybe nothing at all when we’re camping.

Peace and quiet. Isn’t that one of the reasons why we all want to get away?