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Quality – What Does Quality Mean To You?

Quality – What Does Quality Mean To You?

We’ve received a flood of calls lately from people who have purchased an RV in the last few months and are very disappointed in their purchase quality. They’ve found us because now they are keenly aware that quality and performance really matters.

Sadly it seems other RV companies are now delivering an even lower quality – who had thought this was possible? All of this, under the guise of manufacturers saying, “We’re doing you a favor – so you have to accept the RV as-is, and we’ll get back to you when we can address the outstanding issues.” The “back to you” last week was running for 6 to 9 months. The first question that callers ask is how we are different.

First, we know what quality looks like – we design for it. We believe quality is entirely different from an industry that is one giant cost-cutting exercise supported by China’s low-cost supply chain. That’s why we are not an “assembler” of cheap RV parts that are now experiencing a severe backlog. Instead, we fabricate in-house over 70% of every Bowlus made. As a result, we have an incredible quality control process, so you get the product you expect.

All of our customers have received their Bowlus exactly within their original delivery window, and all are delighted with the quality of the product. How are we able to do this? From our inception, we have managed waitlists and are extremely good at it. Waitlist management isn’t something you can attempt to wrangle when things go out of control, which is why now the RV industry is delivering incomplete units. Instead, it is as natural to us as building your Bowlus, and we do it to the same quality.

At Bowlus, we are always grateful for your business. We work to ensure your experience is top quality, because you are important. We also appreciate your understanding that quality is worth the wait.