RV Highlight: What does Boondocking Mean & Why Do you Care?

RV Highlight: What does Boondocking Mean & Why Do you Care?

Some people think about boondocking and feel it’s not for them. They like the idea of pulling into an RV park with all the organization and, more recently, the new “jazzy” extras. With an influx of capital from private equity, campgrounds are being elevated far beyond your usual expectations. Wine tastings, private outdoor theatres, and fancy coffee bars are popping up across the country, some with more dispersed campsites as well. So with all this going on, why should it matter that you purchase an RV with excellent boondocking capabilities?

Beyond the obvious, that traditional campgrounds just don’t appeal to everyone, boondocking (the ability to camp off-grid far from services and amenities) gives you greater flexibility in how you travel. Now, to be clear, we’re not talking about overnighting in a Walmart parking lot – nor would we ever recommend that since there are so many unique places to stay like the Bureau of Land Management’s dispersed camping options. With over 245 million acres of land, you can start by browsing the Public Lands Interpretive Association’s map to discover your hidden gems of the west. To learn more, visit the Bureau of Land Management website.

So when we dig into the Bowlus mantra of “traveling on your terms,” boondocking allows you to happily skip over the Benjamin Franklin idiom that “guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days” because, with a Bowlus, you will be pleasantly escounced in your luxurious home away from home with five-star bedding and well-appointed en-suite making you the perfect guest for friends and family for an extended visit. Want to stay longer than a few weeks? No problem, run an extension cord to a standard household outlet, and you can charge your Bowlus in three to four hours.

So along with being the ultimate guest you can also stay at all those cool out of the way spots that make you crave nature when you have the best RV for boondocking. Download the Bowlus Guide to How to Find the Best of Off-Grid Camping Locations to start planning your first Bowlus adventure. Here’s to enjoying our big beautiful country while you visit friends and family in style!