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RV Highlight: Why do dealers always talk about floorplan and why do I care?

RV Highlight: Why do dealers always talk about floorplan and why do I care?

We often get a question that goes like this: “Why do you only have one floor plan? Because when I go to an RV dealer, that’s all the salesperson wants to talk about.” To make it even a little more complicated, the reason why we only offer one that has nothing to do with why an RV salesperson seems obsessed about them.

Being an RV salesperson has its challenges. It is exceedingly difficult to obtain a deep understanding of hundreds of different RV models that can be on your lot at any one time. This makes it almost impossible to talk specifications in any deeply knowledgeable way other than referring to the sell sheet, which usually covers highlights. So this leaves the salesperson to talk about the obvious, which is your preference for floor plans. When you realize the RV industry would rather offer a multitude of floor plans rather than never lose a sale, it makes for the perfect focus of the conversation. Unfortunately, there should be much more than a floor plan to consider when making an RV purchase.

At Bowlus, we offer just one floor plan, and the reason is twofold. First, we design for safety. It is critical to the design that the weight is distributed properly, so there is no need for weight equalization or anti-sway devices to correct poor design. That means your Bowlus not only tows better but performs better in all weather and driving conditions. It is no accident that the Bowlus is perfectly weighted for performance along with the intended requirement that a small adult can pull it over to hitch or even move it on a level surface. Good design just makes life better.

We also give serious consideration to ergonomic design. This is why each room (and its intended uses) is designed in concert with the entire Bowlus, so they indeed are a pleasure to use. When you’re in a Bowlus, multi-use means there is a flow to the floor plan that just feels “right.” So there is no need to see hundreds of RVs when you know so much thought has gone into the design of your Bowlus. It also means we have the time to speak to you about what really matters, and that’s all the things that makes the Bowlus like nothing else in the world.